Coyotik's list of BTD5 Deluxe challenge walkthroughs

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Challenge Name Map Towers From To Mode RBE Completion Difficulty Walkthrough
Building the ArkPark Path2 ninjas, DMs, bucs, apps and snipers165MediumTrivial Show/hide:
Crop DustingBloon Circlesace, GG, farm165MediumLeaks, SellingHard Show/hide:
Don't Mess UpBloon Circlesice, app 4/2, gg4262EasySellingMedium Show/hide:
Heart of the MaelstromBloon Circlestacks160MediumEasy Show/hide:
High explosive roundsLightning Scarsniper, cannon 2/23550EasyMedium Show/hide:
Park Path, MediumPark Pathsniper, tack, ace, mortar, farm165MediumEasy Show/hide:
Rebuilding the ArkSnake RiverBoomer, Ice, Ace, SM, dartling3560HardMedium Show/hide:
SHREDR of all ShreddersBloon Circlesspactories 2/4, boomers 3/2, tacks 2/33060MediumMedium Show/hide:
They Need to Sort Out Their PrioritiesLightning Scaraimless5062HardMedium Show/hide:
You've Got On the HatMonkey LaneHat-wearing150EasyTrivial Show/hide:
Three by threeRinkthree of a kind, limited to tier3165MediumTrivial Show/hide:
Organic WarfarePark Pathbuc, ace, farm, pineapples4565MediumEasy Show/hide:
RecognitionClockapp, dm, tack, dartling, ice, gg, spactory, farm2565MediumMedium Show/hide:
The explosives unionLightning Scarall but apps, lead popping restricted3065MediumMedium Show/hide:
Sneak attackMount MagmaSniper, ace, ninja, spactory (all 2/4)165EasyHard Show/hide:
Everything you needRinkninja, cannon, village, farm3065HardEasy Show/hide:
The forgotten duoRinkGG, ice, village145EasyLeaksMedium Show/hide:
The weird RBEBloon Circlesall160HardHard Show/hide:
Super Bomb FactoryMonkey LaneCannon, SM, spactory, 2 of each3065MediumMedium Show/hide:
Investment capClockupgrades not costlier than tower2565MediumMedium Show/hide:
Enhanced BombardmentMonkey Lanecannon, mortar, pineapple150EasyEasy Show/hide:
Bionic boomerMonkey Laneboomer 2/3, mortar3050EasyEasy Show/hide:
The switched RBESwitch165MediumyesFarming, LeaksHard Show/hide:
Nine by ThreeBloon Circlesmax 3 of each and 9 total165MediumMedium Show/hide:
An unlikely trioPark Pathbuccaneer, ice, spactory165MediumSellingHard Show/hide:
The Skewed RBEMonkey Lane150EasyyesMedium Show/hide:
The Whirling trioMonkey Lane3 boomers148EasyLeaksEasy Show/hide:
Mount Magma, EasyMount Magmaboomer, SM, village, mortar150EasyTrivial Show/hide:
Monkey Lane, EasyMonkey LaneDM, sniper, ninja, cannon150EasyTrivial Show/hide:
Circles CirclesBloon Circles2 of each DM, boomer, ninja, apprentice3065MediumMedium Show/hide:
Archipelago, DeflationArchipelagobuccaneer, apprentice, cannon, glue2565DeflationEasy Show/hide:
Monkey RiverSnake Riverall monkeys4665MediumEasy Show/hide:
Bad AimMonkey Laneace 2/3, dartling 0/3150EasyEasy Show/hide:
The Power of Three... Types of TowersMount Magmaapp, boomer, ninja165MediumEasy Show/hide:
Two Time, Bloon TimeRinkall except SM and farms, 2 of each150Medium+2 to allHard Show/hide:
Sand SandwichArchipelago9 total, DM, sniper, ninja, boomer, ship, app, dartling, glue165MediumHard Show/hide:
SpecialPark Path3 total, 1 of each, app, dm, tack boomer, cannon3060MediumLeaksMedium Show/hide:
You Stay On Your SideBloon Circlesleft 4/0, right 0/43085HardHard Show/hide:
Round and round we goCastleTacks, road spikes145EasyMedium Show/hide:
Six SelectionBloon Circles1 boomer, village, cannon, ace, dartling and apprentice165MediumMedium Show/hide:
Marina MayhemDockside1 DM, ninja, GG, app, village and spactory165MediumMedium Show/hide:
Ice breakerRinkbuccaneers, bombs, boomers150EasyEasy Show/hide:
Something BlueRinktowers with blue2060Easyup to pink -> blue, up to rainbow -> rainbow, cera+ -> MOABTrivial Show/hide:
Special!: 3Park Path3 total, 1 of each, sniper, GG, dartling, buccaneer SM3060MediumHard Show/hide:
Four Port SwitchSwitch4 of each - DM, sniper, boomer, mortar3260MediumMedium Show/hide:
Nature callsPark PathSM, free agents255MediumTrivial Show/hide:
Two of a KindPark Path2 of any185HardEasy Show/hide:
Look RightBloon Circlesonly right column150EasyEasy Show/hide:
Diamond DustMonkey Laneice, village 2/2, boomer 1/11050Mediumno MOABs, no whites.Leaks, SellingHard Show/hide:
BBBBSnake Riverbomb, bucc, boomer, farm165MediumMedium Show/hide:
TackticksPark Pathtacks 3/2, spactories 2/2, road spikes160MediumEasy Show/hide:
Chase-a-BloonBloon Circlesboomer, ninja, ace, village - all 4/23585HardEasy Show/hide:
Slowed and SteadyBloon Circlessniper and GG146EasySellingMedium Show/hide:
FirestormArchipelagoapps, villages, road items, one turtle185HardFarming, Road Items, SellingHard Show/hide:
The Big BangPark Pathbomb, mortar, ace, ship 4/2, pineapples185HardLeaks (avoidable)Easy Show/hide:
Don't Pollute The RiverSnake Riverspactories165MediumLeaks, SellingTrivial Show/hide:
Pirates and NinjasArchipelagoninja, ship, village, farm, pineapple165MediumEasy Show/hide:
Short Range, Long RangeBloon Circlestack, sniper3055MediumEasy Show/hide:
The three monkeyteersClock3 total, 1 of each, monkeys only3555MediumLeaksHard Show/hide:
Summer Time!Docksidebucs, ice, villages, farms3065MediumEasy Show/hide:
Special!: 2Park Path3 total, 1 of each, spactory, ninja, ice, ace, mortar3060MediumEasy Show/hide:
Apopalypse NowMonkey Laneice, spactory, dm, ninja, tack, cannon - all 0/0, and pineapples140ApopalypseRoad Items (camo leads)Easy Show/hide:
Black and WhiteRinkbomb, mortar, ice3065MediumMedium Show/hide:
Time Goes OnClockice, sniper 4/2, tack, boomer, bomb, spikes165MediumMedium Show/hide:
B-DayMonkey Lanebeekeeper and 4 B-devices2065MediumLeaksExtreme Show/hide:
Castle, EasyCastledm, boomer, ship, apprentice150EasyEasy Show/hide:
Storm at seaArchipelagobuc 2/4, app 4/23565MediumLeaks (random)Easy Show/hide:
Boomervancer AircraftMonkey Laneboomers and aces (3/3)165MediumEasy Show/hide:
Everyone's SpecialRinkice, mortar, buccaneer150EasyEasy Show/hide:
Restricted War ZoneArchipelago2 snipers, aces and mortars 2/3150EasyLeaks (early, unavoidable)Easy Show/hide:
Mortar in the mountMount Magmamortars, spikes1060EasyRoad ItemsTrivial Show/hide:
Hard? That was EasyCastlespactory, boomer, bomb, glue, buccaneer145ApopalypseEasy Show/hide:
The Three NinjasMonkey Lane3 ninjas148EasyLeaks (random, possibly avoidable)Easy Show/hide:
Maul those MoabsRinkbombs, SM and spactories 2/34665MediumEasy Show/hide:
Bloon Circles, DeflationBloon CirclesDM, ninja, bomb, mortar2665DeflationTrivial Show/hide:
Self servingArchipelagotowers/upgrades that can pop all bloon types3065HardMedium Show/hide:
The Glue, the BADS and the factorySnake River1 of each gg, dartling 2/4, spactory3065MediumEasy Show/hide:
Banned: Camo detectionPark Pathtack, cannon, ice, glue, chipper136HardLeaks (all camo)Easy Show/hide:
Classic BTDRinkDM, tack, bomb, ice, SM150EasyTrivial Show/hide:
Dart monkeys aplentyMonkey LaneDM, road items140MediumTrivial Show/hide:
Monkey Lane, ApopalypseMonkey Lanesnipers, ninjas, dartlings, apps165ApopalypseLeaks (sloppiness)Easy Show/hide:
Bloon stoppingSwitchninja and glue 2/4, bomb 4/2, ice, one SMS165MediumLeaks (random)Hard Show/hide:
One rink to rule them allRink1 of each except villages, road items banned165MediumTrivial Show/hide:
Overzealous Exposives DisposalSnake Riverall except mortar and bomb, some restricted, no road items3065MediumEasy Show/hide:
Low TekRinkno upgrades, no road items150EasyTrivial Show/hide:
Precision pineapplesMonkey Laneno lead poppers/upgrades2860HardEasy Show/hide:
Ride The Lightning: Part DeuxLightning Scarapps 2/2, farms2065MediumLeaks, FarmingHard Show/hide:
Explosive OrdonanceArchipelago4 total, 1 of each mortar, ninja, spactory, cannon, ship, ace, dartling3065MediumMedium Show/hide:
Go Back To StartCastleboomers, ninjas and apps, all 4/23059MediumLeaks (random), SellingHard Show/hide:
Another VintageMonkey LaneDM, SM, tack, bomb, ice2865MediumMedium Show/hide:
Switch, EasySwitchboomer, ninja, ace, bomb150EasyEasy Show/hide:
Pink and Yellow, Purple... Castle?Castlespactory, chipper, sniper, boomer, glue, dartling3055Mediumpinks, yellows and ceramicsMedium Show/hide:
Time's UpClockboomer, bomb, ace, dartling150EasyEasy Show/hide:
Where's My Favorite UpgradeSnake River1 of each, lots of upgrade restrictions150MediumTrivial Show/hide:
Mage-GunnersMount Magmaglue, app, dartling 2/23565MediumEasy Show/hide:
Castle DefenseCastleaces, tacks, spactories, ships150EasyEasy Show/hide:
Dart shortageRinkall non-darters1050EasyEasy Show/hide:
DeflatedMount Magmaall except SM and village, 4 max3060DeflationTrivial Show/hide:
A Stroll Down Monkey LaneMonkey LaneDM, cannon, GG, mortar, road spikes2550DeflationTrivial Show/hide:
YinRinkall restricted to x/0185HardEasy Show/hide:
YangPark Pathall restricted to 0/x185HardEasy Show/hide:
Third Time's a CharmPark Path3 of each150Easy+3 to allMedium Show/hide:
Bull's EyeClockdartlings165MediumDartlingsEasy Show/hide:
Ride The LightningRinkapprentices 4/2, farms, villages185EasyEasy Show/hide:
It Takes A VillageBloon Circlesvillage, boomer, bomb, ice, road items, free BDD160ApopalypseEasy Show/hide:
Green Eyed MonstersArchipelagoSM 0/2, free agents150EasyLeaksHard Show/hide:
That was quickRinkno agents7474HardTrivial Show/hide:
Almost a ZooPark PathBeekeeper, Meerkat, squirrel, turtle and SM2545EasyLeaksHard Show/hide:
Long siegeCastleall10100MediumMedium Show/hide:
Watch your stepPark Pathtack 3/4, spactory 2/43060EasyTrivial Show/hide:
Tack attackLightning Scartacks, spactories, road spikes4060EasyRoad Items (to plug random small leak in 46)Easy Show/hide:
Excuse Me, This Is Our sideSnake Riverleft towers 0/4, right 4/03085HardEasy Show/hide:
Air and SeaCastlebucs and aces150EasyLeaksHard Show/hide:
Near and FarSnake RiverTack, sniper, ice, mortar, dartling3565MediumLeaks (a bit random, in 46)Medium Show/hide:
Bombs, Glue, VillageCastlebomb, glue, village, road items150EasyRoad ItemsMedium Show/hide:
Martial Arts MastersSwitchninja, boomer, road items165MediumRoad Items (a bit random small leaks in midgame rounds)Hard Show/hide:
A Walk in the ParkPark PathDM, one tribal turtle185HardHard Show/hide:
We Need to Go FasterPark Pathupgrade paths that increase attack speed150EasyTrivial Show/hide:
Caught UnawaresMonkey Laneall1565MediumRoad ItemsEasy Show/hide:
The Color of MagicMonkey Lane3 apps148EasyTrivial Show/hide:
Pool PartyMonkey Lanebuccaneers (two pools)4565MediumSellingHard Show/hide:
The Four Monkeys of the ApopalypseBloon Circles1 of each sniper, ice, glue, dartling140ApopalypseEasy Show/hide:
A Cool ChallengeRinkDM, bomb, village, road spikes185HardTrivial Show/hide:
Playing With FireBloon Circles2 of each mortars, tacks 4/2, spactories 4/2 apps 2/4165MediumEasy Show/hide:
Mortar and TackRinkMortars, DM 0/0150EasyTrivial Show/hide:
Fire, Water, GlueArchipelagoTack, Bomb, Glue4065MediumMedium Show/hide:
Look LeftPark Pathleft towers165MediumTrivial Show/hide:
Harrisson's ChallengeMonkey Lanetack, app, cannon, dartling185EasyDartlings (but no serious work)Easy Show/hide:
That's no Dart-agnanSwitch3 of each DM, glue 2/4, village3050DeflationTrivial Show/hide:
Ice, Ice BabyBloon Circlessniper, ice150EasyLeaks (unavoidable first round)Medium Show/hide:
Monkey StrikeSwitchspactory, chipper, tack, bomb, village, farm, road items, free agents165MediumEasy Show/hide:
Brick and MortarMount MagmaMortars, villages, farms, one tribal turtle3550MediumFarming, SellingMedium Show/hide:
Red, White and BlueMonkey LaneNinja, ice and SM4065HardDistraction luckMedium Show/hide:
Extreme FarmingPark Pathall146EasyMOAB -> ZOMGFarmingEasy Show/hide:
FIRING MA LAZAH!Mount MagmaSM 1/2, dartling 4/2, village 4/2, 1 BDD3565ApopalypseMedium Show/hide:
Ninja Glue on the FarmMonkey Laneninja, glue, farm165MediumEasy Show/hide:
Little HelpersPark Pathmonkey-operated machines2065MediumEasy Show/hide:
Stick to Your GunsPark Pathweapon-changers disabled3075HardTrivial Show/hide:
Bloon Circles, EasyBloon Circlestack, boomer, glue, app150EasyTrivial Show/hide:
Crazy EightsMonkey Lane8 total, tack, bomb, ace3065MediumLeaks (randomly unavoidable in 59)Easy Show/hide:
Defensive LinePark Path5 total, 1 of each, no road items2565MediumEasy Show/hide:
Liquid Hot MagmaMount Magmatacks and spactories136EasyEasy Show/hide:
20 ceramic bloons on the wallArchipelagoall11MediumRed->Cera, Blue->MOAB etc.Trivial Show/hide:
Super ClockClockDM, SM, village, pineapple150EasyTrivial Show/hide:
Support MonkeysClockDM 2/2, SM, farms, pineapples140EasyLeaks (NLL possible but quite tedious, avoiding pineapple mistakes)Easy Show/hide:
Frozen in TimeClock4 of each Bomb 4/2, ice, ninja 2/4, sniper 4/23060MediumSelling, a bit of random leaking (15 in round 39)Hard Show/hide:
One ring to rule them allMount Magma1 of each except villages, road items banned165MediumTrivial Show/hide:
Mount BoomMount Magmaboomer, ace, dartling, farm, free agents165MediumEasy Show/hide:
Two by TwoSnake River2 of each, odd rows4070HardHard Show/hide:
Plumb In FrontSwitch5 total, DM, Tack, boomer, ice140HardSelling (maybe avoidable)Easy Show/hide:
Beach-Side PicnicArchipelago3 of each DMs, 2/4 tacks, ninjas, spactories3265MediumEasy Show/hide:
Cross the RoadMonkey Lanedm, boomer, ninja, glue, apprentice, village, dartling, road items185HardEasy Show/hide:
ZOMGMonkey Laneall8585MediumTrivial Show/hide:
Roger That Gold LeaderPark Pathaces and buccaneers150EasyTrivial Show/hide:
I'm No ProBloon Circlessniper, boomer 2/2, ice, ace 0/4, boomer 2/23555MediumLeaks, SellingHard Show/hide:
Import Bombs/Export BloonsDocksidebombs, mortars and DMs3065MediumEasy Show/hide:
Where'd My Towers GoCastlefarms, road spikes, bombs1045EasyTrivial Show/hide:
Super Glue VacationSwitchall but SM, glue and spactory165HardMedium Show/hide:
Park Path, EasyPark Pathbuccaneer, ace, ice, dartling150EasyTrivial Show/hide:
Sniper AlleyMonkey Lanesnipers, farms, road items150EasyRoad ItemsMedium Show/hide:
Supply ConvoyArchipelago3 of each buccaneer 4/2, sniper 2/4, dartling and mobn2065Mediumall except leads and MOAB class +1Medium Show/hide:
Wind, Plane and GlueSnake River3 of each GGs, aces, apprentices, road items3260MediumSellingTrivial Show/hide:
Chemical WarfareSnake RiverMortars, 4/2 GGs, 2/4 aces and dartlings3050HardAll under leads are leadsDartlings (last round only)Easy Show/hide:
Archipelago, MediumArchipelagoDM, app, buccaneer village165MediumEasy Show/hide:
Mechanically InclinedSwitchboomers 2/4 and supers 2/4, one meerkag165MediumSellingHard Show/hide:
Bombs, Ice and FireRinkbombs, ice, tack 4/2, one meerkat165MediumEasy Show/hide:
One at a Time, PleaseMonkey LaneSM, DM, tack, sniper, glue, dartling (all restricted to single-target attacks), village, farm150EasyEasy Show/hide:
Wait, What?RinkAll lead poppers / upgrades banned, except for village150HardFarming, Selling, Road itemsEasy Show/hide:
FightFire with FireMount Magmacannon, apprentice, mortar, pineapples185HardEasy Show/hide:
Pass 10 Epic Rounds With Lots o' CashPark Pathall8595MediumTrivial Show/hide:
Icey ValkyriesRinkall restricted to 1/2, SM banned3045ApopalypseTrivial Show/hide:
Super Monkey SquadSnake River6 total of SM 2/3, Village2565HardLow to pink, middle to zebras, zebras, rainbows and ceras +1Trivial Show/hide:
The Best Super-Glue in TownBloon Circles1 SM, GG and village3065MediumLeaks (small, in late 30s)Hard Show/hide:
Ice breakerRinkbuc, sniper165MediumSellingMedium Show/hide:
Blistering sandsDeath Valleytack, cannon, spactory, village, farm, chipper, road items150EasyHard Show/hide:
Apopalypse NowMount Magmasniper, mortar, army, farm, pineapple140ApopalypseTrivial Show/hide:
SpecializationSnake Rivertack 3/4, glue 4/3, buccaneer 3/2, farm, spikes, one SMS2065MediumMedium Show/hide:
The No Aim GamePark Pathtack, ice, ace 2/4, village 3/4, farm, spactory3060HardLeaks (likely avoidable)Medium Show/hide:
Anti-MOAB SquadMonkey Lane2 of each mortar, sniper, cannon, buccaneer, SM (+portable lake)4686MediumHard Show/hide:
Davy Jones LockerArchipelagoall except buccaneers165MediumTrivial Show/hide:
Deflate the ClockClockall3050DeflationTrivial Show/hide:
ClassicMonkey LaneDM, tack, bomb, ice - all restricted to 1/1, road spikes150EasyRoad Items (no camo detection)Easy Show/hide:
Two By Two: Part TwoClocktwo of each, even rows of towers4070HardDartlingsHard Show/hide:
A small selectionMonkey LaneDM, boomer, ninja, cannon and ice, all 0/0150EasyTrivial Show/hide:
Strapped for CashCastleall150HardEasy Show/hide:
Eight's UnluckyClock7 max, no road items1385HardEasy Show/hide:
The Volcano that Time ForgotMount MagmaDM 4/2150EasyTrivial Show/hide:
Frozen MorterstormMonkey Lanetacks, ice, mortar4585HardLeaks (avoidable - mortar dragging in slow mode)Hard Show/hide:
Weathering the StormMonkey LaneSM 3/2, apps 4/2160Mediumall +1Leaks (avoidable), SellingHard Show/hide:
Budget cutsCastleall restricted to 2/2165MediumLeaks, DartlingsHard Show/hide:
Special AssetsCastletacks, snipers, bombs, bucs (4/2), aces, mortars, dartlings3085MediumDartlingsHard Show/hide:
Switch It UpSwitchmortar, DM 2/2, tack 2/2, bomb 2/2, one meerkat and bloonberry provided165MediumLeaks, SellingHard Show/hide:
Switch it UpSwitchDM, apprentice, ice and SM165MediumMedium Show/hide:
Widespread MalfunctionSwitchDM 2/4, SM 4/2, boomer 4/2, ninja, ice, apprentice5085HardLeaks (random, small)Hard Show/hide:
Darts GaloreArchipelagodart users165HardMedium Show/hide:
Upon the boiling fieldsArchipelagobuccaneers165MediumSB, SellingExtreme Show/hide: