Coyotik's list of BTD5 challenge walkthroughs

Filters: Challenge name matches substring, case-insensitive. RBE allows showing all entries, modified RBE entries only or normal entries only. From and To set to zero are ignored, otherwise cap the level range - so setting From to 2 will exclude all maps that start at 1 and setting To to 60 will exclude all maps that end at 61+. Remaining dropdowns are classic filters - choose the empty top option to unset filter.
Date uses YYYY-MM-DD format - right now I cannot be bothered to add any date-detecting magic - but I do substring comparison, so 2012-08 will get you all challenges from August 2012
The O column denotes ('x') that the walkthrough should work with the current version of Online (Aug 2013), but I must admit that I did not check most challenges for the recent boomer nerf. '?' means that it probably won't work, you'll most likely find it where GZ was used before the nerf. The D column shows that the walkthrough was made/verified in Deluxe - and if it's got Online empty, it actually means that this walkthrough is Deluxe-specific, using engineers and/or bloonchippers. Value Online hides challenges present in Deluxe (all before 2012-08-13)
All conditions are joined by AND - so only challenges matching ALL conditions are shown.
Challenge Name Date Thread Map Towers From To Mode RBE D O Completion Difficulty Author Walkthrough
Monkey Lane, Easy2012-01-27linkMonkey LaneDM, sniper, ninja, cannon150Easy xxTrivialcoyotikShow/hide:
Bloon Circles, Easy2012-01-28linkBloon Circlestack, boomer, glue, app150Easy xxTrivialcoyotikShow/hide:
Park Path, Easy2012-01-29linkPark Pathbuccaneer, ace, ice, dartling150Easy xxTrivialcoyotikShow/hide:
Mount Magma, Easy2012-01-30linkMount Magmaboomer, SM, village, mortar150Easy xxTrivialcoyotikShow/hide:
Archipelago, Deflation2012-01-31linkArchipelagobuccaneer, apprentice, cannon, glue2565Deflation xxEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Switch, Easy2012-02-01linkSwitchboomer, ninja, ace, bomb150Easy xxEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Monkey Lane, Apopalypse2012-02-02linkMonkey Lanesnipers, ninjas, dartlings, apps165Apopalypse xxLeaks (sloppiness)EasycoyotikShow/hide:
Park Path, Medium2012-02-03linkPark Pathsniper, tack, ace, mortar, farm165Medium xxEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Ice and fire2012-02-04linkCastleapp, mortar, ice, cannon, pineapples165Medium
Castle, Easy2012-02-05linkCastledm, boomer, ship, apprentice150Easy xxEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Bloon Circles, Deflation2012-02-06linkBloon CirclesDM, ninja, bomb, mortar2665Deflation xxTrivialcoyotikShow/hide:
Pass 10 Epic Rounds With Lots o' Cash2012-02-07linkPark Path8595Medium xTrivialcoyotikShow/hide:
Archipelago, Medium2012-02-08linkArchipelagoDM, app, buccaneer village165Medium xxEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Super Clock2012-02-09linkClockDM, SM, village, pineapple150Easy xxTrivialcoyotikShow/hide:
Where'd My Towers Go2012-02-10linkCastlefarms, road spikes, bombs1045Easy xxTrivialcoyotikShow/hide:
Strapped for Cash2012-02-11linkCastle150Hard xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Harrisson's Challenge2012-02-12linkMonkey Lanetack, app, cannon, dartling185Easy xxDartlings (but no serious work)EasycoyotikShow/hide:
Switch it Up2012-02-13linkSwitchDM, apprentice, ice and SM165Medium xxMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Davy Jones Locker2012-02-14linkArchipelagoall except buccaneers165Medium xTrivialcoyotikShow/hide:
Ice, Wind & Fire2012-02-15linkRinkapp, ice185Hard
Dart monkeys aplenty2012-02-16linkMonkey LaneDM, road items140Medium xxTrivialcoyotikShow/hide:
Classic BTD2012-02-17linkRinkDM, tack, bomb, ice, SM150Easy xxTrivialcoyotikShow/hide:
Long siege2012-02-18linkCastle10100Medium xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Air and Sea2012-02-19linkCastlebucs and aces150Easy xxLeaksHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Apopalypse Now2012-02-20linkMount Magmasniper, mortar, army, farm, pineapple140Apopalypse xxTrivialcoyotikShow/hide:
Crop Dusting2012-02-21linkBloon Circlesace, GG, farm165Medium xxLeaks, SellingHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Two of a Kind2012-02-22linkPark Path2 of any185Hard xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Time's Up2012-02-23linkClockboomer, bomb, ace, dartling150Easy xxEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Sniper Alley2012-02-24linkMonkey Lanesnipers, farms, road items150Easy xxRoad ItemsMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Pirates and Ninjas2012-02-25linkArchipelagoninja, ship, village, farm, pineapple165Medium xxEasycoyotikShow/hide:
A Stroll Down Monkey Lane2012-02-26linkMonkey LaneDM, cannon, GG, mortar, road spikes2550Deflation xxTrivialcoyotikShow/hide:
Roger That Gold Leader2012-02-27linkPark Pathaces and buccaneers150Easy xxTrivialcoyotikShow/hide:
Mortar and Tack2012-02-28linkRinkMortars, DM 0/0150Easy xxTrivialcoyotikShow/hide:
Nature calls2012-02-29linkPark PathSM, free agents255Medium xxTrivialcoyotikShow/hide:
Plumb In Front2012-03-01linkSwitch5 total, DM, Tack, boomer, ice140Hard xxSelling (maybe avoidable)EasycoyotikShow/hide:
It Takes A Village2012-03-02linkBloon Circlesvillage, boomer, bomb, ice, road items, free BDD160Apopalypse xxEasycoyotikShow/hide:
A Cool Challenge2012-03-03linkRinkDM, bomb, village, road spikes185Hard xxTrivialcoyotikShow/hide:
One ring to rule them all2012-03-04linkMount Magma1 of each except villages, road items banned165Medium xTrivialcoyotikShow/hide:
Heart of the Maelstrom2012-03-05linkBloon Circlestacks160Medium xxEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Martial Arts Masters2012-03-06linkSwitchninja, boomer, road items165Medium xxRoad Items (a bit random small leaks in midgame rounds)HardcoyotikShow/hide:
Low Tek2012-03-07linkRinkno upgrades, no road items150Easy xTrivialcoyotikShow/hide:
Deflate the Clock2012-03-08linkClock3050Deflation xTrivialcoyotikShow/hide:
Classic2012-03-09linkMonkey LaneDM, tack, bomb, ice - all restricted to 1/1, road spikes150Easy xxRoad Items (no camo detection)EasycoyotikShow/hide:
Bombs, Glue, Village2012-03-10linkCastlebomb, glue, village, road items150Easy xxRoad ItemsMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
ZOMG2012-03-11linkMonkey Lane8585Medium xxTrivialcoyotikShow/hide:
One rink to rule them all2012-03-12linkRink1 of each except villages, road items banned165Medium xTrivialcoyotikShow/hide:
Ninja Glue on the Farm2012-03-13linkMonkey Laneninja, glue, farm165Medium xxEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Storm at sea2012-03-14linkArchipelagobuc 2/4, app 4/23565Medium xxLeaks (random)EasycoyotikShow/hide:
Switch It Up2012-03-15linkSwitchmortar, DM 2/2, tack 2/2, bomb 2/2, one meerkat and bloonberry provided165Medium xxLeaks, SellingHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Ice breaker2012-03-16linkRinkbuccaneers, bombs, boomers150Easy xxEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Banned: Camo detection2012-03-17linkPark Pathtack, cannon, ice, glue, chipper136Hard xxLeaks (all camo)EasycoyotikShow/hide:
Super Glue Vacation2012-03-18linkSwitchall but SM, glue and spactory165Hard xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Building the Ark2012-03-19linkPark Path2 ninjas, DMs, bucs, apps and snipers165Medium xxTrivialcoyotikShow/hide:
Mount Boom2012-03-20linkMount Magmaboomer, ace, dartling, farm, free agents165Medium xxEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Time Goes On2012-03-21linkClockice, sniper 4/2, tack, boomer, bomb, spikes165Medium xxMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Yin2012-03-22linkRinkall restricted to x/0185Hard xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Yang2012-03-23linkPark Pathall restricted to 0/x185Hard xxEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Deflated2012-03-24linkMount Magmaall except SM and village, 4 max3060Deflation xTrivialcoyotikShow/hide:
Apopalypse Now2012-03-25linkMonkey Laneice, spactory, dm, ninja, tack, cannon - all 0/0, and pineapples140Apopalypse xxRoad Items (camo leads)EasycoyotikShow/hide:
B-Day2012-03-26linkMonkey Lanebeekeeper and 4 B-devices2065Medium xxLeaksExtremecoyotikShow/hide:
The Big Bang2012-03-27linkPark Pathbomb, mortar, ace, ship 4/2, pineapples185Hard xxLeaks (avoidable)EasycoyotikShow/hide:
Ice, Ice Baby2012-03-28linkBloon Circlessniper, ice150Easy xxLeaks (unavoidable first round)MediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Ride The Lightning2012-03-29linkRinkapprentices 4/2, farms, villages185Easy xxEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Firestorm2012-03-30linkArchipelagoapps, villages, road items, one turtle185Hard xxFarming, Road Items, SellingHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Mortar in the mount2012-03-31linkMount Magmamortars, spikes1060Easy xxRoad ItemsTrivialcoyotikShow/hide:
Hard? That was Easy2012-04-01linkCastlespactory, boomer, bomb, glue, buccaneer145Apopalypse xxEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Look Left2012-04-02linkPark Pathleft towers165Medium xTrivialcoyotikShow/hide:
Look Right2012-04-03linkBloon Circlesonly right column150Easy xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Cross the Road2012-04-04linkMonkey Lanedm, boomer, ninja, glue, apprentice, village, dartling, road items185Hard xxEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Tackticks2012-04-05linkPark Pathtacks 3/2, spactories 2/2, road spikes160Medium xxEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Ice breaker2012-04-06linkRinkbuc, sniper165Medium xxSellingMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Green Eyed Monsters2012-04-07linkArchipelagoSM 0/2, free agents150Easy xxLeaksHardcoyotikShow/hide:
That was quick2012-04-08linkTree Topsno agents7474Hard xxTrivialcoyotikShow/hide:
Slowed and Steady2012-04-09linkBloon Circlessniper and GG146Easy xxSellingMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Monkey Strike2012-04-10linkSwitchspactory, chipper, tack, bomb, village, farm, road items, free agents165Medium xxEasycoyotikShow/hide:
The Power of Three... Types of Towers2012-04-11linkMount Magmaapp, boomer, ninja165Medium xxEasycoyotikShow/hide:
A Walk in the Park2012-04-12linkPark PathDM, one tribal turtle185Hard xxHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Bull's Eye2012-04-13linkClockdartlings165Medium xxDartlingsEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Upon the Boiling Sea2012-04-14linkArchipelagobuccaneers165Medium xxSB, SellingExtremecoyotikShow/hide:
The Three Ninjas2012-04-15linkMonkey Lane3 ninjas148Easy xxLeaks (random, possibly avoidable)EasycoyotikShow/hide:
The Whirling trio2012-04-16linkMonkey Lane3 boomers148Easy xxLeaksEasycoyotikShow/hide:
The Color of Magic2012-04-17linkMonkey Lane3 apps148Easy xxTrivialcoyotikShow/hide:
Bombs, Ice and Fire2012-04-18linkRinkbombs, ice, tack 4/2, one meerkat165Medium xxEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Monkey River2012-04-19linkSnake Riverall monkeys4665Medium xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Nine by Three2012-04-20linkBloon Circlesmax 3 of each and 9 total165Medium xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Darts Galore2012-04-21linkArchipelagodart users165Hard xxMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Enhanced Bombardment2012-04-22linkMonkey Lanecannon, mortar, pineapple150Easy xxEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Mechanically Inclined2012-04-23linkSwitchboomers 2/4 and supers 2/4, one meerkag165Medium xxSellingHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Budget cuts2012-04-24linkCastleall restricted to 2/2165Medium xLeaks, DartlingsHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Don't Pollute The River2012-04-25linkSnake Riverspactories165Medium xxLeaks, SellingTrivialcoyotikShow/hide:
A small selection2012-04-26linkMonkey LaneDM, boomer, ninja, cannon and ice, all 0/0150Easy xxTrivialcoyotikShow/hide:
Bloon stopping2012-04-27linkSwitchninja and glue 2/4, bomb 4/2, ice, one SMS165Medium xxLeaks (random)HardcoyotikShow/hide:
Fight Fire with Fire2012-04-28linkMount Magmacannon, apprentice, mortar, pineapples185Hard xxEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Boomer-Vanced Aircraft2012-04-29linkMonkey Laneboomers and aces (3/3)165Medium xxEasycoyotikShow/hide:
You Stay On Your Side2012-04-30linkBloon Circlesleft 4/0, right 0/43085Hard xHardcoyotikShow/hide:
We Need to Go Faster2012-05-01linkPark Pathupgrade paths that increase attack speed150Easy xxTrivialcoyotikShow/hide:
Bad Aim2012-05-02linkMonkey Laneace 2/3, dartling 0/3150Easy xxEasycoyotikShow/hide:
BBBB2012-05-03linkSnake Riverbomb, bucc, boomer, farm165Medium xxMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Wait, What?2012-05-04linkRinkAll lead poppers / upgrades banned, except for village150Hard xFarming, Selling, Road itemsEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Excuse Me, This Is Our side2012-05-05linkSnake Riverleft towers 0/4, right 4/03085Hard xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Eight's Unlucky2012-05-06linkClock7 max, no road items1385Hard xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Special Assets2012-05-07linkCastletacks, snipers, bombs, bucs (4/2), aces, mortars, dartlings3085Medium xxDartlingsHardcoyotikShow/hide:
You've Got On the Hat2012-05-08linkMonkey LaneHat-wearing150Easy xTrivialcoyotikShow/hide:
Maul those Moabs2012-05-09linkRinkbombs, SM and spactories 2/34665Medium xxEasycoyotikShow/hide:
One at a Time, Please2012-05-10linkMonkey LaneSM, DM, tack, sniper, glue, dartling (all restricted to single-target attacks), village, farm150Easy xxEasycoyotikShow/hide:
An unlikely trio2012-05-11linkPark Pathbuccaneer, ice, spactory165Medium xxSellingHardcoyotikShow/hide:
The Glue, the BADS and the factory2012-05-12linkSnake River1 of each gg, dartling 2/4, spactory3065Medium xxEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Tribal Warfare2012-05-13linkBloon circlesboomers 1/2, farms 2/2165Medium
Bionic Artillery2012-05-14linkMonkey Laneboomer 2/4, mortar3050Easy xxEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Dart shortage2012-05-15linkRinkall non-darters1050Easy xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Liquid Hot Magma2012-05-16linkMount Magmatacks and spactories136Easy xxEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Specialization2012-05-17linkSnake Rivertack 3/4, glue 4/3, buccaneer 3/2, farm, spikes, one SMS2065Medium xxMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Fire, Water, Glue2012-05-18linkArchipelagoTack, Bomb, Glue4065Medium xxMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Red, White and Blue2012-05-19linkMonkey LaneNinja, ice and SM4065Hard xxDistraction luckMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Almost a Zoo2012-05-20linkPark PathBeekeeper, Meerkat, squirrel, turtle and SM2545Easy xxLeaksHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Ride The Lightning: Part Deux2012-05-21linkLightning Scarapps 2/2, farms2065Medium xxLeaks, FarmingHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Pool Party2012-05-22linkMonkey Lanebuccaneers (two pools)4565Medium xxSellingHardcoyotikShow/hide:
The No Aim Game2012-05-23linkPark Pathtack, ice, ace 2/4, village 3/4, farm, spactory3060Hard xxLeaks (likely avoidable)MediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Icey Valkyries2012-05-24linkRinkall restricted to 1/2, SM banned3045Apopalypse xTrivialcoyotikShow/hide:
Self serving2012-05-25linkArchipelagotowers/upgrades that can pop all bloon types3065Hard xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
High explosive rounds2012-05-26linkLightning Scarsniper, cannon 2/23550Easy xxMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Widespread Malfunction2012-05-27linkSwitchDM 2/4, SM 4/2, boomer 4/2, ninja, ice, apprentice5085Hard xxLeaks (random, small)HardcoyotikShow/hide:
The Skewed RBE2012-05-28linkMonkey Lane150Easy 1-4 -> 1, 5+ -> +1xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Rebuilding the Ark2012-05-29linkSnake RiverBoomer, Ice, Ace, SM, dartling3560Hard xxMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
I'm No Pro2012-05-30linkBloon Circlessniper, boomer 2/2, ice, ace 0/4, boomer 2/23555Medium xxLeaks, SellingHardcoyotikShow/hide:
The three monkeyteers2012-05-31linkClock3 total, 1 of each, monkeys only3555Medium xxLeaksHardcoyotikShow/hide:
The switched RBE2012-06-01linkSwitch165Medium 1->2, 2->1 and so onxFarming, LeaksHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Frozen Morterstorm2012-06-02linkMonkey Lanetacks, ice, mortar4585Hard xxLeaks (avoidable - mortar dragging in slow mode)HardcoyotikShow/hide:
The Best Super-Glue in Town2012-06-03linkBloon Circles1 SM, GG and village3065Medium xxLeaks (small, in late 30s)HardcoyotikShow/hide:
FIRING MA LAZAH!2012-06-04linkMount MagmaSM 1/2, dartling 4/2, village 4/2, 1 BDD3565Apopalypse xxMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Two by Two2012-06-05linkSnake River2 of each, odd rows4070Hard xHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Two By Two: Part Two2012-06-06linkClocktwo of each, even rows of towers4070Hard xDartlingsHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Pink and Yellow, Purple... Castle?2012-06-07linkCastlespactory, chipper, sniper, boomer, glue, dartling3055Medium pinks, yellows and ceramicsxMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Two Time, Bloon Time2012-06-08linkRinkall except SM and farms, 2 of each150Medium +2 to allxHardcoyotikShow/hide:
They Need to Sort Out Their Priorities2012-06-09linkLightning Scaraimless5062Hard xxMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Precision pineapples2012-06-10linkMonkey Laneno lead poppers/upgrades2860Hard xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Defensive Line2012-06-11linkPark Path5 total, 1 of each, no road items2565Medium xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Beach-Side Picnic2012-06-12linkArchipelago3 of each DMs, 2/4 tacks, ninjas, spactories3265Medium xxEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Four Port Switch2012-06-13linkSwitch4 of each - DM, sniper, boomer, mortar3260Medium xxMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Wind, Plane and Glue2012-06-14linkSnake River3 of each GGs, aces, apprentices, road items3260Medium xxSellingTrivialcoyotikShow/hide:
That's No Dart-agnan2012-06-15linkSwitch3 of each DM, glue 2/4, village3050Deflation xxTrivialcoyotikShow/hide:
Tack attack2012-06-16linkLightning Scartacks, spactories, road spikes4060Easy xxRoad Items (to plug random small leak in 46)EasycoyotikShow/hide:
Explosive Ordonance2012-06-17linkArchipelago4 total, 1 of each mortar, ninja, spactory, cannon, ship, ace, dartling3065Medium xxMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Circles Circles2012-06-18linkBloon Circles2 of each DM, boomer, ninja, apprentice3065Medium xxMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Special!2012-06-19linkPark Path3 total, 1 of each, app, dm, tack boomer, cannon3060Medium xxLeaksMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Support Monkeys2012-06-20linkClockDM 2/2, SM, farms, pineapples140Easy xxLeaks (NLL possible but quite tedious, avoiding pineapple mistakes)EasycoyotikShow/hide:
Brick and Mortar2012-06-21linkMount MagmaMortars, villages, farms, one tribal turtle3550Medium xxFarming, SellingMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Super Bomb Factory2012-06-22linkMonkey LaneCannon, SM, spactory, 2 of each3065Medium xxMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Overzealous Exposives Disposal2012-06-23linkSnake Riverall except mortar and bomb, some restricted, no road items3065Medium xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Everything you need2012-06-24linkRinkninja, cannon, village, farm3065Hard xxEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Special!: 22012-06-25linkPark Path3 total, 1 of each, spactory, ninja, ice, ace, mortar3060Medium xxEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Chase-a-Bloon2012-06-26linkBloon Circlesboomer, ninja, ace, village - all 4/23585Hard xxEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Super Monkey Squad2012-06-27linkSnake River6 total of SM 2/3, Village2565Hard Low to pink, middle to zebras, zebras, rainbows and ceras +1xxTrivialcoyotikShow/hide:
Organic Warfare2012-06-28linkPark Pathbuc, ace, farm, pineapples4565Medium xxEasycoyotikShow/hide:
The explosives union2012-06-29linkLightning Scarall but apps, lead popping restricted3065Medium xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Playing With Fire2012-06-30linkBloon Circles2 of each mortars, tacks 4/2, spactories 4/2 apps 2/4165Medium xxEasycoyotikShow/hide:
The Volcano that Time Forgot2012-07-01linkMount MagmaDM 4/2150Easy xxTrivialcoyotikShow/hide:
Third Time's a Charm2012-07-02linkPark Path3 of each150Easy +3 to allxMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Recognition2012-07-03linkClockapp, dm, tack, dartling, ice, gg, spactory, farm2565Medium xxMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Restricted War Zone2012-07-04linkArchipelago2 snipers, aces and mortars 2/3150Easy xxLeaks (early, unavoidable)EasycoyotikShow/hide:
Crazy Eights2012-07-05linkMonkey Lane8 total, tack, bomb, ace3065Medium xxLeaks (randomly unavoidable in 59)EasycoyotikShow/hide:
The Forgotten Duo2012-07-06linkRinkGG, ice, village145Easy xxLeaksMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Special!: 32012-07-07linkPark Path3 total, 1 of each, sniper, GG, dartling, buccaneer SM3060Medium xxHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Diamond Dust2012-07-08linkMonkey Laneice, village 2/2, boomer 1/11050Medium no MOABs, no whites.xxLeaks, SellingHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Supply Convoy2012-07-09linkArchipelago3 of each buccaneer 4/2, sniper 2/4, dartling and bomb2065Medium all except leads and MOAB class +1xxMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Black and White2012-07-10linkRinkbomb, mortar, ice3065Medium xxMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Investment cap2012-07-11linkClockupgrades not costlier than tower2565Medium xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Something Blue2012-07-12linkRinktowers with blue2060Easy up to pink -> blue, up to rainbow -> rainbow, cera+ -> MOABxTrivialcoyotikShow/hide:
The weird RBE2012-07-13linkBloon Circles160Hard 7, -1, 2, -1, 4, -4, 4, 0, -1, -7, 2, 1, -2, 0 xxHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Sneak attack2012-07-14linkMount MagmaSniper, ace, ninja, spactory (all 2/4)165Easy xxHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Anti-MOAB Squad2012-07-15linkMonkey Lane2 of each mortar, sniper, cannon, buccaneer, SM (+portable lake)4686Medium xxHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Go Back To Start2012-07-16linkCastleboomers, ninjas and apps, all 4/23059Medium xxLeaks (random), SellingHardcoyotikShow/hide:
The Four Monkeys of the Apopalypse2012-07-17linkBloon Circles1 of each sniper, ice, glue, dartling140Apopalypse xxEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Chemical Warfare2012-07-18linkSnake RiverMortars, 4/2 GGs, 2/4 aces and dartlings3050Hard All under leads are leadsxxDartlings (last round only)EasycoyotikShow/hide:
Stick to Your Guns2012-07-19linkPark Pathweapon-changers disabled3075Hard xTrivialcoyotikShow/hide:
Short Range, Long Range2012-07-20linkBloon Circlestack, sniper3055Medium xxEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Caught Unawares2012-07-21linkMonkey Lane1565Medium xRoad ItemsEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Extreme Farming2012-07-22linkPark Path146Easy MOAB -> ZOMGxFarmingEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Round and round we go2012-07-23linkCastleTacks, road spikes145Easy xxMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
SHREDR of all Shredders2012-07-24linkBloon Circlesspactories 2/4, boomers 3/2, tacks 2/33060Medium xxMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Everyone's Special2012-07-25linkRinkice, mortar, buccaneer150Easy xxEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Little Helpers2012-07-26linkPark Pathmonkey-operated machines2065Medium xxEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Summer Time!2012-07-27linkDocksidebucs, ice, villages, farms3065Medium xxEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Mage Gunners2012-07-28linkMount Magmaglue, app, dartling 2/23565Medium xxEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Three by three2012-07-29linkRinkthree of a kind, limited to tier3165Medium xTrivialcoyotikShow/hide:
20 ceramic bloons on the wall2012-07-30linkArchipelago11Medium Red->Cera, Blue->MOAB etc.xxTrivialcoyotikShow/hide:
Weathering the Storm2012-07-31linkMonkey LaneSM 3/2, apps 4/2160Medium all +1xxLeaks (avoidable), SellingHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Six Selection2012-08-01linkBloon Circles1 boomer, village, cannon, ace, dartling and apprentice165Medium xxMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Pass All the Rounds!2012-08-02linkSwitchtack, sniper, cannon, ice, buccaneer, ace, SM, village, farm, spactory, one lake185Hard
Where's My Favorite Upgrade2012-08-03linkSnake River1 of each, lots of upgrade restrictions150Medium xTrivialcoyotikShow/hide:
Marina Mayhem2012-08-04linkDockside1 DM, ninja, GG, app, village and spactory165Medium xxMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Another Vintage2012-08-05linkMonkey LaneDM, SM, tack, bomb, ice2865Medium xxMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Frozen in Time2012-08-06linkClock4 of each Bomb 4/2, ice, ninja 2/4, sniper 4/23060Medium xxSelling, a bit of random leaking (15 in round 39)HardcoyotikShow/hide:
Sand Sandwich2012-08-07linkArchipelago9 total, DM, sniper, ninja, boomer, ship, app, dartling, glue165Medium xxHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Don't Mess Up2012-08-08linkBloon Circlesice, app 4/2, gg4262Easy xxSellingMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Blistering sands2012-08-09linkDeath Valleytack, cannon, spactory, village, farm, chipper, road items150Easy xHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Near and Far2012-08-10linkSnake RiverTack, sniper, ice, mortar, dartling3565Medium xxLeaks (a bit random, in 46)MediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Import Bombs/Export Bloons2012-08-11linkDocksidebombs, mortars and DMs3065Medium xxEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Castle Defense2012-08-12linkCastleaces, tacks, spactories, ships150Easy xxEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Watch your step2012-08-13linkPark Pathtack 3/4, spactory 2/43060Easy xxTrivialcoyotikShow/hide:
Stars on Your Head2012-08-14linkRinkbomb 4/2, ninja 2/3, app 3/33065Medium -
Shoot the Moon2012-08-15linkBloon CirclesDM 2/3, GG, app 4/2, dartling 3/3165Medium -
Skin Protection2012-08-16linkSnake Riverfully-dressed3065Medium -
Five Tiny Towers of Power2012-08-17linkCastleninja, DM, tack, sniper, boomer150Easy -
No Darts. No Tacks2012-08-18linkPark Pathno spikey attackers165Medium -
Separation of Powers2012-08-19linkRinkLeft towers detect camo but cannot pop lead. Right towers pop lead but cannot detect camo2565Medium -
Close Minded2012-08-20linkSwitchtowers without range upgrades165Medium -
Ninja Ice Bureau2012-08-21linkDocksideninja, ice, village165Medium -xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Scrooge McMonkey2012-08-22linkSnake Riverall restricted to one path (cheaper in total?), no road items185Hard -?SellingHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Fibomonkey Sequence2012-08-23linkClockDM, tack, sniper, ninja, glue, village1355Medium -
Bad Economy2012-08-24linkBloon Circlesno farms5085Hard xxSellingHardcoyotikShow/hide:
The One Where Everything Explodes2012-08-25linkLightning Scarbomb, apprentice, mortar, ace, dartling 2/42070Medium -
This Monkey's Got Deep Pockets2012-08-26linkCastlethe more expensive path for each tower185Hard -xLeaks, SellingHardcoyotikShow/hide:
A Stroll through Death Valley2012-08-27linkDeath Valley4060Easy -
Binary RBE2012-08-28linkMonkey Lane2565Hard Even ranks +1-
Ol' Reliable2012-08-29linkSnake Riverninja, buccaneer and app unrestricted, everything else 1/13065Medium -
The Criss-Crossed RBE2012-08-30linkBloon Circles1565Medium yes-
Across the River2012-08-31linkSnake River2 of each boomer, mortar, ice and SM, 6 total3065Medium -
SWAT2012-09-01linkLightning Scartowers that do extra damage to MOABs4685Hard -
A Cold Bunch2012-09-02linkRinkboomer, ninja, glue, spactory3060Medium -
31st Monkey Expeditionary Unit2012-09-03linkDocksideDM, sniper, buccaneer3575Hard -
The Bloons Go One By One2012-09-04linkClockace, mortar, spactory2565Easy -
One Small Step for a Monkey2012-09-05linkSpace Truckin'3 total, 1 of each3050Hard -
Burning Rubber2012-09-06linkDrag Stripexplosive/fire2050Easy -xLeaks if your aim is sloppyMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
John Monkeyton's Favourites!2012-09-07linkMonkey LaneDM, tack, ninja, buccaneer, ace, SM and dartling4085Hard -
Home Sweet Home2012-09-08linkSpace Truckin'blue and green3075Hard -
Indistinguishable from Magic2012-09-09linkSnake Riverboomer, SM, app, turtle and BDD provided3575Hard -
Drowning Darts2012-09-10linkArchipelagoDM, ace, SM 0/3, 3 of each, 8 max2560Medium -xSelling, a bit of random leaking possiblecoyotikShow/hide:
Are They as Special as They Look?2012-09-11linkDrag StripDM, tack, spactory2060Easy -
Monkey See, Monkey Do2012-09-12linkCastleall but ninja, buccaneer, SM, dartling and spactory2465Medium -
Consider the Price2012-09-13linkMonkey Laneupgrades limited to below 5k4580Medium -
He's a Frosty One2012-09-14linkSwitchlead-popping limited to ice2850Easy -
Lucky 72012-09-15linkMount Magmamax 7 total1770Medium -
Sit in the Corner2012-09-16linkPark Pathmax 6 total, tack, boomer, ice and spactories3065Medium -
Venture in to Deep Space2012-09-17linkSpace Truckin'2 of each, all but SM, buccaneer, village, farm, spactory1065Medium -
The Monkey is Always Right2012-09-18linkBloon Circlesmonkeys right path, non-monkeys left3065Medium -xFarmingEasycoyotikShow/hide:
The Monkey isn't Always Right2012-09-19linkSnake Rivermonkeys left path, non-monkeys right3065Medium -
Camo, Right?2012-09-20linkDocksideRight towers can pop camo but not lead. Left towers can pop lead but not camo3065Medium -
Tricky Bloons2012-09-21linkSlalomOnly mortar can hit camo and lead, 8 towers max2865Hard -
That Special Bunch2012-09-22linkMonkey Lanemax 8 total3585Hard -
Stealth Mode2012-09-23linkSlalom4/2 ninjas, snipers and 2/3 ices, 1 meerkat3062Hard -
Booming In Space2012-09-24linkSpace Truckin'3 of each, 7 total, boomer bomb and mortar, all without abilities2065Hard -
Tack, Ice and a Sprinkle of Dartlings2012-09-25linkLightning Scartack, ice, dartling165Medium -
Resistance is Fruitful2012-09-26linkRinkbomb 1/3, ice 2/3, GG 2/3, mortar 3/1151Easy 0, 4, 3, 3, 2, 3, 2, 1, 2, 1, 0, 0, 0, 0-
Speedy Start2012-09-27linkDrag Strip2060Easy low boosted a lot, rainbows and ceras -1-
Dust2012-09-28linkDeath Valleyapp, mortar, bomb, spactory, tack, boomer, ninja, pineapples2565Easy no blacks, zebras and leads (rainbows instead)-
The Persistence of Memory2012-09-29linkClockheat-users (limited mostly to 4/2 or 2/4)3575Medium -
One Must Not Falter2012-09-30linkMonkey LaneDM 4/0, boomer 4/0, farm150Easy -
Snack River2012-10-01linkSnake Riverone of each3565Easy some +1 or +2, incl BFB on 46-
That Took a While2012-10-02linkClockall 3/3165Medium -
Don't Trust the Monkeys2012-10-03linkDockside3 of each, monkeys cannot upgrade, no road items2565Medium -
Safety First2012-10-04linkPark Pathmax 12 total, no explosions and dart spammers4579Easy -
Fire Shuriken2012-10-05linkSnake Rivertacks and ninjas, both 4/22862Medium -
Mad Gunners2012-10-06linkDocksidesniper, GG and dartling3065Hard -
Space Conscious2012-10-07linkSpace Truckin'buccaneer, ace, mortar, dartling, village, farm4585Hard -
Mirror Mirror on the Clock2012-10-08linkClockLeft towers can only use upgrades similar to the right towers and vice versa2050Easy -
Artillery in the Valley2012-10-09linkDeath ValleyDM 4/0, bomb 4/1, mortar150Easy -
Wheat Fields2012-10-10linkBloon Circlessm, spactory, boomer, village, ice, and ninja, buccaneer (pool provided)1565Medium yes-
All Around the World2012-10-11linkSnake River3 of each, max 8 total, ice, glue, ace, mortar - all 2/42750Medium -xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
A Nice Family Picnic2012-10-12linkPark PathSM, ice, GG, DM1065Medium -
The Uncertainty Principle2012-10-13linkSpace Truckin'2 of each, max 10 total, some restrictions5985Hard -xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
The Castle of Horror2012-10-14linkCastleboomer, spactory 4/2, ace 4/2, ninja, farm 4/0, village 4/2570Medium +1 to most-
Keep On Throwing2012-10-15linkSnake RiverDM 2/4, ninja, boomer, SM 0/22565Medium -
Masters of Disguise2012-10-16linkRinkbomb 4/1, ice, glue 2/4, app 1/41056Medium 1, 2, 1, 2, 2, 1, 2, 3, 2, 1, 0, 0, 0, 0-
Tag Strip2012-10-17linkDrag Strip3 of each, DM, boomer, app, glue, ninja, ice, sniper, SM (restrictions)550Easy red and green are yellow-?LeaksHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Pointless Hill2012-10-18linkSlalom3 of each, no sharp projectiles165Hard -?Leaks, SellingMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
More Layers, More Bloons2012-10-19linkMount Magmamortar 4/2, glue 4/2, SM150Easy 5, 4, 4, 3, 3, 2, 2, 0, 2, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0-
Camolead2012-10-20linkPark Pathspactory, ninja, dartling, app, village - all 4/2Medium all that appear as camo are lead (except rainbows)-xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
50 Waves to Save the World2012-10-21linkSpace Truckin'all 4/21060Hard -?EasycoyotikShow/hide:
Striker2012-10-22linkLightning Scardart 2/4, glue, ninja, ice3060Medium -
Bomb Sledding2012-10-23linkSlalom4 of each 2/3 buccaneer and ice and ninja, 3/3 bomb.3065Medium -
Precise Ice2012-10-24linkMonkey Lane4 of each, max 7 total, 2/4 GG, 2/4 ice, sniper3060Easy -xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Organized ChaoS2012-10-25linkPark Pathexplosives 3/1, darters 1/3, everything else 2/2145Apopalypse -
Rare Technology2012-10-26linkBloon Circles1 of each spactory, tack, bomb, village, farm3660Easy -xSellingHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Heartbreaker2012-10-27linkMonkey Lanemax 7 total of DM, tack, boomer, SM, mortar1565Medium yellow -> zebra, pink -> rainbow, zebra -> rainbow, rainbow-> ceramic-xTrivialcoyotikShow/hide:
Super-Piloted Gunners2012-10-28linkSwitch1 of each glue, ace, dartling, SM3065Medium -xSellingHardcoyotikShow/hide:
The Sight of a Dart2012-10-29linkRink8 total, all camo detectors banned except 2/2 DM. 1 SMS2460Medium -xFarming, SellingHardcoyotikShow/hide:
High Charity2012-10-30linkSpace Truckin'3 of each, 7 total of ice, glue, SM, app, mortar4085Hard -xSB, SellingMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Frugal Pop2012-10-31linkBloon CirclesDM 4/3, tack 3/2, boomer 3/3, app 2/22065Medium -xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Popping Evolved2012-11-01linkSnake Rivertowers that just improve themselves without getting new weapons2865Medium -xHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Alphamonkey Order2012-11-02linkArchipelagoUpgrade paths limited to which upgrade is first alphabetically in final upgrade140Apopolypse -
Twist Master2012-11-03linkSlalomboomer, tack, village, farm1565Medium -
Lucky Look2012-11-04linkArchipelagomax 6 total and 2 of each, upgrades only in the path with camo detection and stopping at that4070Medium -?MediumcoyotikShow/hide:
The Alphabetical RBE2012-11-05linkRinkno cash (supply drop and banana disabled)2849Deflation complicated and tough-xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
R Not Allowed2012-11-06linkSlalom5 total, ninja, ace, village, pineapple1060Medium -xSelling, PineapplesMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Scared of the Dark2012-11-07linkSpace Truckin'mortar, app and ninja all 2/4, tack and SM both 4/24780Medium -xSellingMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Keep Your Range2012-11-08linkDrag Stripupgrades that do not change range3065Medium -?Selling, FarmingHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Lead Zeppelin2012-11-09linkLightning Scarfarms limited to 1/01660Medium all under ceramics are leads, ceras are MOABs-xFarmingMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
The Burn of a Boomerang2012-11-10linkBloon Circlesthe only way to pop leads is 2/2 boomer2860Medium -xFarmingEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Magical Ice Boom2012-11-11linkDocksideboomer 4/3, ice, 2/4 apprentice1865Medium -xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Deflate Ability2012-11-12linkRinkall 1/4, 2 of each4575Deflation -
Rainbowed RBE2012-11-13linkArchipelago155Easy from pinks to ceramics everything is rainbow-xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Chain Reaction2012-11-14linkLightning Scarice, app, ninja, 4/2 boomer1550Easy -?MediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Mortar and Pestilence2012-11-15linkBloon Circles2/0 farms, mortar, gg, 1 beekeeper150Medium -xFarming, SellingEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Cool Weapons2012-11-16linkSlalomheat attacks disabled2870Medium -?SellingMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
All Bloon's Eve2012-11-17linkLightning Scar4060Medium under black -> black, under ceramic -> ceramic, MOABs and BFBs +1-?Show/hide:
Down the Barrel2012-11-18linkDockside8 total, 2 of each tack 3/2, bomb 4/1, SM 2/3, sniper, buccaneer, mortar, dartling3570Medium -xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Tricky Pinks2012-11-19linkSnake Riverace 3/2, app 2/3, DM 2/3, boomer 3/3, ninja 4/2, tack, dartling, buccaneer, spactory165Medium under pink -> pink-xHardcoyotikShow/hide:
MOABday Device2012-11-20linkBloon Circlesice 4/2, gg, village 3/4, farm4660Easy -
Compact Attack2012-11-21linkSlalom3065Medium lots of leads and zebras-xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
A Variety of Popping2012-11-22linkRinkall 4/1 - farm, spactory, tack, ninja, SM, village 1/4139Easy pink, black and white +1, lead -> red, rainbows are MOABs-xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Omegamonkey Order2012-11-23linkSpace Truckin'Upgrade paths limited to which upgrade is last, alphabetically2075Medium -xSelling (maybe avoidable)EasycoyotikShow/hide:
Master of the Mortar2012-11-24linkPark PathOnly mortar can hit camo and lead2265Medium -xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Ambidextrous2012-11-25linkArchipelagoSM, DM and boomer 4/0, ninja and app 0/3, bomb 3/0, ace 4/1, buccaneer 0/2, one turtle150Medium -xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Frozen Superbattery2012-11-26linkSwitchice, sm, mortar 2/44065Easy -
Power Overwhelming2012-11-27linkDocksideSM, ace, village4075Hard pink -> lead, zebra and above +1-xSellingMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Bloon a la bomb2012-11-28linkLightning Scar1 of each, only bomb can pop lead1460Medium under lead -> lead, lead, zebra and rainbow +1-xSellingMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Pop n Rescue2012-11-29linkArchipelago3 of each ace, ninja and buccaneer, all 4/25065Medium -xTrivialcoyotikShow/hide:
Polluted Park2012-11-30linkPark Path1 of each bomb, mortar, gg, ace and dartling4767Hard -xSellingMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Like a Ninja2012-12-01linkSnake River1 of each, only ninjas 4/2 can pop camo1458Medium
When the Wizard Lord's Away2012-12-02linkLightning Scar2550Medium up to lead +3, zebra +2, rest +1xSelling, one road spikeMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Without a Paddle2012-12-03linkSnake River1 of each, boomer and ninja unlimited, rest cannot pop camo/lead2265Medium xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Numerical Tiers2012-12-04linkDrag Stripleft side 1/2, right 3/42565Medium
Castle of Nobility2012-12-05linkCastleboomer, ninja and super all 4/2, app4080Medium
Sun Ray Beamin'2012-12-06linkSpace Truckin'2/4 mortars and ninjas, 4/2 bombs and dartlings, one BDD5580Medium xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
There it Goes2012-12-07linkMonkey Lane4 of each, gg, sniper, ice, app4269Medium xHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Bionic Clock Repairmen2012-12-08linkClock4 total, 2 of each 2/4 boomer and 2/3 SM, one meerkat150Easy xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Floating Downstream2012-12-09linkSnake River2 of each tack, ninja, SM, app, farm2060Easy
Arranged Chaos2012-12-10linkDocksidemonkeys 3/1, machines 1/3, rest 2/2140Apopalypse xFarmingMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Rushing Downstream2012-12-11linkDownstreamtack, ninja, SM, app, village, farm2060Easy xLeaks, SellingHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Don't Upset the Balance2012-12-12linkBloon Circlesbomb and ninja1565Medium
Pop Bloon Glue Gun Style2012-12-13linkSwitchice 1/4, GG2465Medium no MOABsxLeaksHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Popping Interrupted2012-12-14linkSpace Truckin'DM, ninja, ice2565Medium xTrivialcoyotikShow/hide:
Burst Fire2012-12-15linkArchipelagoburst fire towers2065Medium xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Super Mortar Factory2012-12-16linkMonkey Lane1 of each spike, mortar, SM2450Easy
Mega Cyclones2012-12-17linkMonkey Lanetack 2/4, ace 2/3, SM 3/2, app 4/2, spactory 2/4, one SMSEasy +2 to allxEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Vibrant RBE2012-12-18linkBloon Circles160Medium blue -> yellow, green and yellow -> pink, black -> rainbowxEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Ember's Game2012-12-19linkLightning ScarFirst five towers - 4/4, 3/3, 2/2, 1/1 and 0/0165Medium xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
The Super Monkey Force2012-12-20linkDocksideSM, boomer, GG and ninja3060Medium 4,3,2,1,3,3,2...xSellingMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Glaives o' Fire2012-12-21linkMount Magmaboomers and mortars2565Medium xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Perpetual Motion2012-12-22linkSnake Riveranimated towers3065Medium xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Same Price2012-12-23linkDocksideninja, bomb, ice, app2065Medium xLeaks (small, a bit random in early rounds)HardcoyotikShow/hide:
The Beginning, Middle and End2012-12-24linkSnake River5 total, 2 of each DM, buccaneer, spactory150Easy xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Yuletide Spirit2012-12-25linkRink1166Easy xTrivialcoyotikShow/hide:
Au Contraire2012-12-26linkBloon CirclesDM, tack, spactory3060Medium lead and zebra -1xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
The Big, the BADS and the Terror-fying2012-12-27linkSpace Truckin'one of each 4/2 mortar, 2/4 dartling and 2/4 SM2465Medium xTrivialcoyotikShow/hide:
The ZOMG Parade2012-12-28linkPark Pathfarm, dartling, mortar, spactory, sniper, bomb, ice, app, road spikes140Apopalypse only colours seen on ZOMG
New World Technologies2012-12-29linkMonkey Lanemax 4 total, 1 of each sniper, ace, mortar, boomer 2/4, super 2/4, spactory 2/22078Hard xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Upon the Boiling Sea II2012-12-30linkDocksidebuccaneer165Medium ?MediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Patience is Key2012-12-31linkSnake River3 of each of DM, ninja, village, mortar (all 0/4), bomb, sniper (both 4/0), ice and glue (both 4/4)2850Medium xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Sharper Than Before2013-01-01linkClockbuccaneer 4/2 (one lake provided), ace 2/4, tack 2/4, dartling 2/2, SM 0/3165Medium ?HardcoyotikShow/hide:
Angry Volcano2013-01-02linkMount Magmaboomer, ice, buccaneer, ace, two squirrels and lake2560Medium 3,2,2,0,1,2,1,0,0,1,0,1,1,0?HardcoyotikShow/hide:
Gluetack City2013-01-03linkPark Pathtack 3/4, gg, village3860Medium xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Monkey Metropolis Destruction2013-01-04linkPark Pathmonkeys and villages140Apopalypse xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Magical AdvICE of Doom2013-01-05linkSpace Truckin'one of each app, ice, farm and dartling2565Medium ?SellingEasycoyotikShow/hide:
The Next Best Thing2013-01-06linkSwitch4/2 DM, 2/3 tack, 2/2 sniper, 2/4 boomer, 3/4 ninja, 3/2 bomb, 2/2 ice, 4/4 glue, 3/3 ace, 3/2 app, 3/3/ mortar4065Medium -1 to allxSellingHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Black and Yellow2013-01-07linkMount Magmaone bomb, one app and one beekeeper137Medium all under yellow are yellow, all above are black
Countdown Tiers2013-01-08linkClockleft towers are 4/3, right are 2/12565Medium xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Paint the Lane Yellow2013-01-09linkMonkey Lanegg, village, ace 2/41555Easy xLeaksMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Once in a Glued Bloon2013-01-10linkBloon Circles1 of each, towers and upgrades that pop lead are banned except for GG2860Medium
The Odd Ones Left2013-01-11linkSpace Truckin'4 total, left limited to 1/3, right to 2/4265Medium
Battle Time2013-01-12linkMonkey LaneDM, tack, sniper, ninja, bomb - all 3/3150Medium
That's Odd, Right?2013-01-13linkSpace Truckin'5 total, Left towers are 4/2 and right are 3/1165Medium xSellingEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Mission Downstream2013-01-14linkDownstreamapp, village, farm, spactory, DM, tack, GG150Medium
Panic Button2013-01-15linkCastle3 of each, limited to 2/42565Medium xSellingHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Fives2013-01-16linkRink5 total, without DM, GG, SM, village and farm555Hard First 5 ranks +5xTrivialcoyotikShow/hide:
The Blizzard2013-01-17linkDeath Valleyapps, ninjas and boomers, all 4/2150Easy xRoad ItemsMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Leeroy Bloonkins2013-01-18linkPark Path1 each of tack 3/4, bomb, buccaneer 2/4, SM 0/3, app 2/4, village 4/3, dartling 2/4, spactory 3/3, one beekeeper4060Hard up to green are lead, up to zebra are rainbow, up to MOAB are ceramic, BFB is ZOMGxEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Black with White Stripes2013-01-19linkLightning Scar140Medium all except black, white and lead are zebrasxEasycoyotikShow/hide:
The Prime Sequence2013-01-20linkPark Path4 total, 1 of each tack, sniper, ninja, ice, SM, village, spactory265Hard xSelling, Leaks in early roundsHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Quetzovercoatl2013-01-21linkSlalomgg, app, ninja, ice, 2/4 DM, 4/2 boomer165Hard xSelling (sometimes not needed)HardcoyotikShow/hide:
Intermediate Popping2013-01-22linkSnake Riverboomer, ice, GG, buccaneer1868Medium ?Leaks (sometimes)MediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Set-up Chaos2013-01-23linkSlalomTowers with the letter 'm' are limited to 3/1, Rest at 1/3.140Apopalypse xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
A Job To Do2013-01-24linkSnake Rivermax 10 total, 3 of each, DM 2/3, sniper 4/2, boomer 2/2, ninja 4/0, ice 3/2, GG 4/2, buccaneer 2/3, ace 2/3 , SM 0/2, app, mortar, dartling3065Medium xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Space Defender2013-01-25linkSpace Truckin'all 4/2 - tack, sniper, boomer, ninja, bomb, ice, SM, app, dartling, spactory3373Hard 4,0,3,2,3,3,1,3,1,1,0,1,0xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Ouroboros2013-01-26linkMonkey Laneno DM, sniper, ninja and bomb5185Hard
Multiplicity Stream2013-01-27linkDownstreambuccaneer, ace, app, village, one turtle1050Easy xLeaksHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Factories are Super2013-01-28linkBloon CirclesSM, spactory and farms can be upgraded, rest 0/0165Medium xFarmingMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
All-Rounder2013-01-29linkSnake Rivertowers that can pop camo, lead and damage MOABs2369Medium xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Dartling Maelstrom2013-01-30linkMount Magmaace 2/4, tack 2/4, dartling2065Medium
Tough Love2013-01-31linkBloon Circles1762Medium regens upped to lead/ceramicxTrivialcoyotikShow/hide:
Double Specialization2013-02-01linkSwitch2/2 bomb, 0/3 ninja, 4/0 boomer, 2/3 ice, 4/3 ace, 4/3 app150Easy
Monkey Sabotage2013-02-02linkDownstreamall 3/3, village, dartling and road items locked2065Medium
Super Tack Factory2013-02-03linkMonkey Lane1 of each SM, tack and spactory2065Medium xSellingMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Bloonbending2013-02-04linkMonkey Lane2 of each ice, DM 4/2, app155Medium xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Bomb the Bloons!2013-02-05linkRinkace, bomb, mortar, 2/4 ninja, 2/4 dartling, 2/4 buccaneer, 4/2 spactory xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Mortar Kombat2013-02-06linkPark PathDM 2/3, mortar3065Medium
Cheaper Price2013-02-07linkArchipelagosniper, ace, ice, ninja, buccaneer2065Medium xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Bullet, Cannon and the BB2013-02-08linkPark Path1 of each sniper, bomb and boomer150Hard xTrivialcoyotikShow/hide:
Castle of Infinity2013-02-09linkCastleboomer 4/2, rest 2/4 - ice, GG, ace, mortar, SM2060Easy
Captain Glue2013-02-10linkDocksidebuccaneer, GG4060Medium xHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Circle Strike2013-02-11linkBloon Circles3 of each tack, mortar, boomer 4/2, bomb 4/2, ace 3/420655Medium xTrivialcoyotikShow/hide:
Cut to the Chase2013-02-12linkMonkey Lane2 turtles provided, no restrictions133Medium 1,1,2,2,2,4,3,3,3,3,0,0,0,0xRoad Items, FarmingHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Monochrome Madness2013-02-13linkRinkninja, iace, bomb 2/1, app 2/2, one SMS150Easy 5,5,3,3,3,0,0,0,0,-1,-1,+2,+2
Powers of Two2013-02-14linkBloon Circlesmax 16 total, first eight towers, limited to 2/43264Medium xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Floating Magic Rifle2013-02-15linkArchipelago4 of each sniper, buccaneer and apprentice3065Medium
A Terror-fying Storm2013-02-16linkPark PathSM and spactories both 2/43065Apopalypse xTrivialcoyotikShow/hide:
A Team Game2013-02-17linkSlalom1 of each boomer, SM, village and spactory, all 4/2. One squirrel and one bush165Medium xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Power Surge2013-02-18linkSwitch4 of each, one BDD165Medium 1,-1,2,-2,3,-3,4,-4,3,-3,2,-2,1,-1xHardcoyotikShow/hide:
The Infinity Rangers2013-02-19linkSpace Truckin'buccaneer 4/2, sniper, ace, dartling560Medium under pink -> pink, MOABs and BFBs +1xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Ring of Super-Storms2013-02-20linkSnake Rivermax 6 total, tack 4/2, SM, spactory 2/42570Easy SellingMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
The Mortar and the Mage2013-02-21linkMonkey Lanemortar and app2065Medium xLeaksHardcoyotikShow/hide:
A Nice Vacation2013-02-22linkDocksideno restrictions, two pontoons and beekeepers765Medium xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
I Spy With My Eye2013-02-23linkRinkdart, ninja, bomb, ice and buccaneer 4/0, tack and SM 0/4, village170Hard xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Switching It Around2013-02-24linkSwitchSM 2/1, dartling 2/1, mortar 4/2, one BDD4065Medium xHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Ninja Aircraft Fighter2013-02-25linkArchipelago4 of each ninja, ace and sniper150Easy 0,1,2,1,0,1,0,1,0,0,0,1,0,0xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Going M.A.D2013-02-26linkPark Path3 of each mortar 3/2, ace 2/3, dartling 3/2555Hard xTrivialcoyotikShow/hide:
Follow My Lead2013-02-27linkLightning ScarDM, tack, sniper, ninja, bomb, ace, SM165Hard ?LeaksMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Valuables Deserve Better2013-02-28linkSnake RiverSM 4/4, village and farm 2/2, rest 0/02465Medium 4,1,2,1,0,3,2,0,1,1,0,1,1xFarmingEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Spikygluerifleton2013-03-01linkCastlespactory, GG, sniper, village2065Medium neighbours of red, yellow, white, rainbow and BFB are changed to be these
Red, Yellow, White, Rainbow and Red2013-03-02linkBloon Circles4060Hard xSellingMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Happiness in the Dark Abyss2013-03-03linkLightning Scar1050Hard 5,4,3,2,4,2,2,0,0,1,0,2,1,0xFarmingMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
High Corrosive Rounds2013-03-04linkRinkGG 4/2, mortar5170Medium leads and zebras -> rainbow, rainbow and moab -> cera, BFB->MOABxSellingMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Hail Hydra2013-03-05linkDrag Stripninja and SM both 2/4, meerkat2450Easy xSellingHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Everything in Threes2013-03-06linkBloon CirclesDM 2/3, sniper 2/3, SM 3/2, mortar 2/4, dartling 2/41565Medium xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Salute!2013-03-07linkPark Pathmax 14 total, GG 4/2, SM 1/2, dartling 2/12875Hard xTrivialcoyotikShow/hide:
Operation B.L.O.O.N2013-03-08linkSlalom3 of each, max 10 total, sniper 4/2, bomb 2/4, village 2/4, dartling 2/4, spactory 2/3160Medium xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Wonder Machines2013-03-09linkPark Pathmortar 4/2, bomb, spactory and tack all 2/43565Medium xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
The Monkeynaries2013-03-10linkSnake Rivermax 10 total, DM, sniper, boomer, ninja, ice, GG, buccaneer, SM, mortar, farm 2/4146Medium ZOMG on 46xSelling, FarmingMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Ability-less2013-03-11linkMount Magmaall 2/32065Medium xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Support Outsourced2013-03-12linkSpace Truckin'no camo and lead popping upgrades, two turtles and two meerkats165Medium xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Rainbow Rush of Doom2013-03-13linkDownstreammax 7 total, 2 of each6275Medium rainbows, rainbowsxSellingHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Black and Blue2013-03-14linkRinkmax 5 total, bomb, ice, SM, app, spactory1565Medium 3 blue, 4 black, 3 zebra, BFB is ZOMGxMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Blade-O-Pult2013-03-15linkArchipelagoDM 4/2, tack 2/4, one turtle145Medium xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Trouble on Monkey Lane2013-03-16linkMonkey Lanewithout SM, village, farm and road items4075Hard 3,2,1,1,1,0,2,0,0,1,0,0xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Going 'Round the World2013-03-17linkPark Path5 total, 2 of each sniper 4/2, ace 2/4, mortar 4/2, dartling3065Medium xTrivialcoyotikShow/hide:
King of the Castle2013-03-18linkCastle3 of each ace, SM, village, farm, dartling4670Medium xHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Sea of Horror2013-03-19linkArchipelagoboomer, ninja, buccaneer, farm, mortar, spactory, turtle, pontoon and beekeeper2070Hard +1 to all except ceramicsxHardcoyotikShow/hide:
More Expensiver2013-03-20linkSwitchmax 8 total, 3 of each mortar, dartling, ace, super, farm2065Medium xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
H.A.R.D2013-03-21linkSpace Truckin'3 of each boomer, ice, app, buccaneer4685Hard
Color Blind2013-03-22linkLightning Scarsniper 3/4, boomer 4/2, ninja 0/4, bomb 0/4, ace, app 2/2, dartling, spactory150Apopalypse
Blind Guessing2013-03-23linkDownstreamtack 3/3, boomer 1/4, dartling 4/3, farm 2/31253Medium red, blue, yellow and pink +1xFarming, LeaksHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Frugal Space2013-03-24linkSpace Truckin'max 12 total, 2 of each DM, tack, sniper, boomer, ninja, bomb, ice, glue, app, spactory4570Hard ?Leaks, SellingHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Nuclear Fishin'2013-03-25linkSnake River3 of each bomb, ace, mortar and 2/4 dartling5085Medium xLeaks (small)MediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Four To Beat It All2013-03-26linkRinkGG, ice, buccaneer, villlage165Medium
No Dings Here2013-03-27linkSwitchDM 4/2, boomer, SM 0/3, dartling 2/2, spactory3265Medium from black to ceramic all leadxLeaks (small)MediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Monkey Villagers2013-03-28linkRinkninja, boomer, SM, village2565Hard xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
No Duplication2013-03-29linkMount Magma1 of each, Towers and Upgrades that do something vaguely similiar to special agents are banned1560Medium xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Six2013-03-30linkSpace Truckin'bomb, app, spikes666Medium xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Battles' Beloved2013-03-31linkLightning Scarboomer, bomb, ace, village, farm, spactory563Medium xLeaksMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
E.A.S.Y2013-04-01linkDrag Stripsniper, ice, glue, bomb1650Easy
Cheap and Useful2013-04-02linkSnake Rivertwo of each, the cheaper the tower is the more upgrades it can get3565Medium
Originality Required2013-04-03linkDocksidedm, tack, sniper, boomer, ninja, bomb, ice, GG, app, village1565Medium
Shoot First, Aim Second2013-04-04linkSwitchtack and SM 4/0, bomb and village 0/4, buccaneer 4/2, one portable lake2569Medium
More Money, More Upgrades2013-04-05linkSnake Riverthe more expensive the tower is, the more upgrades it can get3565Medium xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
UndeREDated2013-04-06linkRinkno red colour on towers2060Medium xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
One Path Full, Camo and Lead2013-04-07linkMonkey Lanetwo of each, only towers (and upgrade paths) where top upgrade can pop lead and camo, one portable lake4065Medium
Slippery Slope2013-04-08linkSlalomtack, GG, mortar, buccaneer3570Medium xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Look Ma, No Hands2013-04-09linkPark Path1 of each, spactory, buccaneer, ace, village, farm, bomb, tack, DM 4/0, mortar 0/4, ice 4/22565Medium xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
ABC Time2013-04-10linkClocktowers/upgrades with letters A, B or C3363Medium 1, 0, -1, 2, 1, 0, 1, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, -1, -2
A Sad River Ride2013-04-11linkDownstream2250Medium below pink are pink, lead are zebras
Clockable2013-04-12linkClocktack and spactory 2/4, DM 4/22050Medium
Separated RBE2013-04-13linkCastlemax 4 total, no road items2050Medium below lead +1, above lead -1
Secondary Change2013-04-14linkDockside4/2 sniper, 4/2 bomb, village, spactory, boomer2865Hard xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Straight And Curve2013-04-15linkBloon CirclesDM 4/2, tack 2/4, ninja 4/22460Medium xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
The New Black2013-04-16linkSwitch2/4 ninja, 4/2 mortar, ace, bomb3565Medium all up to black, zebra, ceramicxSmall leakscoyotikShow/hide:
Every Monkey For Himself2013-04-17linkSnake Rivertowers that affect other towers are banned150Medium
High Five2013-04-18linkSpace Truckin'max 5 total, app, buccaneer, SM, ninja, mortar2065Medium up to green, pink, lead, cera and BFB
The Wonderful Wizard Of Bloonz2013-04-19linkMonkey Lane1 of each DM 4/2, GG 2/4, app 4/2, SM 2/42560Easy
Year Of The Snake2013-04-20linkSnake Riverboomer, ninja, ace, app4085Medium xSellingEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Iceberg Crush2013-04-21linkRink3 of each 3/2 boomer, 4/2 ninja, 2/2 app4060Medium xLeaks (random)MediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Extravagance2013-04-22linkCastleDM, boomer, buccaneer, SM, dartling165Medium xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Sleight Of Hand2013-04-23linkSlalomglue, ace, SM, village, tack, sniper, bomb, ice - all 4/1, road spikes3655Deflation xRoad ItemsTrivialcoyotikShow/hide:
Monkey Militia Madness2013-04-24linkDocksidemax 8 total and 3 of each, 2/2 bomb, 2/3 mortar, 4/2 ace and buccaneer, dartling, sniper2565Medium xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
No One In Particular2013-04-25linkBloon Circlesindirect attacks only3060Medium xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Machinations2013-04-26linkSwitchbomb, tack, spactory2660Medium green is lead, white and pink are black
Attack Of The Ancients2013-04-27linkSpace Truckin'max 3 total, 4/0 SM, ninja, apprentice3165Hard xSellingHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Tough Bloon To Crack2013-04-28linkClock2877Medium lead and cera swapped
The Right Monkey For The Job2013-04-29linkSwitchmax 1 - 4/2 buccaneer, 4/1 ace, 1/2 SM, 4/1 apprentice, 3/1 dartling, 1/4 spactory, everything else unlimited, no road items2050Easy xSelling, LeaksMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Lazy Monkey2013-04-30linkArchipelago1 of each mortar, ice, sniper, spactory2260Medium
Forgotten2013-05-01linkRinkbomb, ice, farm, village3165Medium
Triangle2013-05-02linkMonkey LaneDM 3/3, ice 4/2, bomb 3/3, one SMS565Medium xTrivialcoyotikShow/hide:
Another 42 Game2013-05-03linkCastleboomer, SM, mortar, farm all 4/2150Easy red +4, blue +2
Antispam2013-05-04linkMonkey Lane1 of each DM, boomer, sniper, ninja, app, dartling2065Medium
Ace Up Your Sleeve2013-05-05linkSpace Truckin'ace is the only popper. (village 3/4, farm, GG 1/4, ice 1/2)165Medium
I'm A Bloon Farmer2013-05-06linkMonkey Lane1 of each 3/1 boomer, 4/2 ice, 2/4 glue, 4/2 app, 2/3 mortar, dartling3156Medium ?EasycoyotikShow/hide:
Dockside Party2013-05-07linkDocksidetowers and upgrades over 2000 banned2465Medium xTrivialcoyotikShow/hide:
M.I.B. On Hire2013-05-08linkSnake Rivermax 6 total, towers that can pop every type of bloon3085Hard xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
All Aboard!2013-05-09linkDockside3 of each ace, buccaneer, DM, GG4080Medium red are ceramic
Blazing Speed2013-05-10linkMount Magma1 of each SM, tack, ace, spactory (all 4/2), boomer and dartling 2/46080Hard
Burn The Rope2013-05-11linkLightning Scarboomer, ace, mortar all 4/22763Hard xLeaks (random)HardcoyotikShow/hide:
Cracking Up2013-05-12linkSpace Truckin'max 4 total3260Medium all ranked up to lead and ceramicxHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Pi2013-05-13linkArchipelago2/4 buccaneers and SMs, one meerkat3170Easy xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Dropping Like Flies2013-05-14linkBloon Circlessnipers, 4/2 ninjas, 2/3 ices2070Easy
Winter Explosions2013-05-15linkRink1 of each mortar, bomb, ice, ace, spactory2565Medium
Behind You!2013-05-16linkPark Pathmax 5 total, 4/2 boomer and bomb, 2/4 apprentice, ninja, ice, ace4070Medium
Silent Was The Night2013-05-17linkMount Magmasniper and ninja2060Medium xLeaksMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Bad Geography2013-05-18linkArchipelagoace, tack, mortar, farm3565Medium xHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Sectional2013-05-19linkLightning Scar1 of each 2/4 bomb, 2/4 GG, SM, village, 4/2 spactory, 4/2 app3075Medium xLeaksHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Farming Extremist2013-05-20linkSpace Truckin'4/x dartling is the only lead popper3060Hard leads are zebras, but MOAB+ are leadsxLeaks, SellingHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Treasure Island2013-05-21linkArchipelagoninja, dart, buccaneer, road items4262Medium xRoad ItemsEasycoyotikShow/hide:
A Blessing In Disguise2013-05-22linkClocksniper 0/3, bomb 4/2, SM 1/3, meerkat2563Medium
Face My Army2013-05-23linkCastle2/3 DM, 2/3 bomb, 4/0 tack, 1/2 app, 2/1 dartling2050Easy xLeaks (avoidable, dartling sloppiness)EasycoyotikShow/hide:
Alliteration Alcove2013-05-24linkArchipelago2/4 boomer, 2/3 bomb, 2/2 GG, 2/4 SM, 3//2 mortar, meerkat666Medium
Common Icebreaker2013-05-25linkRinkCheap ice popping towers with upgrades limited to when they can pop ice, as well as 4/4 Ice Towers, Villages, and Farms165Medium
Activation Energies2013-05-26linkSnake Rivermax 8 total, 2 of each, all 2/43065Medium
Well That Escalated Quickally2013-05-27linkRinkmax 7 total2228Easy all upped a lot (camolead in 24, ceras in 26 and MOABs in 28)xShow/hide:
The Four Heroes2013-05-28linkSwitchSM, ninja, GG, village - all 3/3, road spikes3065Medium
Frolic Through The Field2013-05-29linkBloon Circles0/3 DM, 4/2 ninja, 4/2 app, village, ace3255Hard xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Bombarang2013-05-30linkDockside4/2 bomb, 2/4 boomer, 3/4 buccaneer2070Hard xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Greed2013-05-31linkSpace Truckin'2 of each, boomer, ice, app and spactory all 4/2, dartling, GG 2/43182Medium xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Deadly Combination2013-06-01linkRinkmax 3 total2665Hard xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Castaway2013-06-02linkArchipelagoboomer, 3/3 GG, 3/3 ice, 2/2 app, 4/0 sniper160Medium xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Watch My Back2013-06-03linkBloon Circlessnipers the only ones for camo, apps the only for lead150Medium
Camboom!2013-06-04linkDocksideCamo bloons can only by popped by towers that need explosive upgrades before they can see camo2461Medium xTrivialcoyotikShow/hide:
Lead Is On The Radar2013-06-05linkMonkey LaneTowers that can't pop lead unupgraded can't pop lead at all. Also, a Village's radar is your only way to detect camo.2565Medium xLeaks or SellingEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Field Defence2013-06-06linkBloon Circlesmax 8 total and 3 of each DM 0/3, sniper 2/4, bomb 4/3, village 4/2, spactory 3/21860Medium xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Vassals2013-06-07linkCastlemax 4 of each of the six cheapest towers, one bush150Easy
Hedge Your Bets2013-06-08linkLightning Scarmax 15 total2485Medium
A Hindrance2013-06-09linkSnake Riversniper, bomb and app 4/2, ninja and mortar 2/4, GG, ice2465Medium
Star Gazing2013-06-10linkSpace Truckin'3 of each boomer, ninja, bomb (all 4/2) and 2/3 mortar2565Hard xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Kingdom Rush2013-06-11linkCastlemax 10 total, sniper, app, mortar, spactory150Easy xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
It's In The Name2013-06-12linkSwitchtowers without “monkey” in the name2065Medium
24/72013-06-13linkClockmax 5 total, sniper 2/3, mortar 3/3, bomb and dartling 2/2132Apopalypse xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
No Accidents2013-06-14linkLightning Scar1 of each, only towers with no targetting options can pop camo and lead3065Hard xLeaks in 63HardcoyotikShow/hide:
May Contain Side Effects2013-06-15linkMonkey Lanemax 5 total, 4/2 bomb, 2/3 ice, 2/3 mortar, 4/2 spactory3560Medium xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Ability Changerization2013-06-16linkSwitchboomer, GG and spactory all 2/4, DM3065Medium xHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Super Bananabattery2013-06-17linkSnake RiverSM, farm, 2/4 mortar2060Medium
Bear Arms2013-06-18linkSpace Truckin'max 5 total, 1of each sniper, GG, mortar, dartling and beekeeper2060Medium xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Crescent Upgrades2013-06-19linkBloon Circlesevery fifth tower is 0/0, next 1/1 and so on165Medium xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Carnival2013-06-20linkDocksidemax 3 total, 1 of each tack 4/2, boomer 2/4, bomb 4/1, SM 2/2, app 2/41055Easy
Bullet Maelstrom2013-06-21linkRinktack 2/4, sniper, village3065Medium xHardcoyotikShow/hide:
In the Beginning2013-06-22linkPark PathDM 2/3, bomb 4/1, village 4/2, farm 2/02060Hard
Progressization2013-06-23linkSnake Rivermax 8 total, 3 of each. Upgrade limit based on what BTD version the tower appeared - the later introduced, the higher the limit, DM and tack are 0/0165Medium xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Big Monkeys2013-06-24linkDockside2 of each, non-monkeys cannot be upgraded2065Medium xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Multitasking2013-06-25linkSnake Riverboomer and ace 4/2, ninja and bomb 2/4, app, buccaneer, two turtles2778Medium xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Patterned RBE2013-06-26linkPark Path1 of each without farms, villages and road items165Medium first 3 to blue, next to pink, next to lead, next to ceramic, last two ZOMGxEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Lead? No Problem2013-06-27linkArchipelago3 of each DM, tack, ninja, buccaneer1865Medium white are leadxLeaksHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Lightning Sabotage2013-06-28linkLightning Scar4 of each DM, tack, sniper 3/3, bomb 3/32865Medium xLeaks if you don't time bladestorms really wellHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Lucky Day2013-06-29linkBloon Circlesninja, sniper 2/4, mortar, spactory, dartling 3/4, farm2075Medium xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Camo? No problem2013-06-30linkClock3 of each bomb, ice, glue, mortar, boomer. 1865Medium xLeaks (small, likely avoidable)MediumcoyotikShow/hide:
The Meaning Of Life2013-07-01linkMonkey Lane2 of each, all 4/24265Medium
13592013-07-02linkSwitch2 of each, sniper, ninja, bucc, ace, app, village, mortar and dartling, all 1/3, one portable lake159Medium xLeaks (only round 54)MediumcoyotikShow/hide:
The Green Berets2013-07-03linkSnake Riversniper 4/2, mortar 2/4, dartling 1/1550Hard xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Rectilinear Motion2013-07-04linkSwitchmax 4 total of DM, bomb, SM, dartling, spactory, ninja 4/0, ace 3/42465Medium xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Black Sheep Wall2013-07-05linkCastlesniper, dartling, ace, mortar, one BDD2065Medium xLeaksMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Lightning Strike2013-07-06linkClockace, dartling, spactory3065Medium
Everything Is Possible2013-07-07linkSwitch1 of each, upgrades limited to where the tower can pop everything3360Medium
Coated Camo Catastrophe2013-07-08linkRinkTowers with c in name are 4/4, others are upgraded to when they have c in name3065Hard xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Princess Pinks Popping Picnic2013-07-09linkDownstreamDM 2/2, sniper 2/0, boomer 1/2, mortar 2/3, ninja and GG 0/01334Easy red, yellow, pink and rainbow
Poptastic Four2013-07-10linkSpace Truckin'4/2 boomer, 2/4 ice, 2/4 SM, 2/4 apprentice2465Medium
Ability Inflection2013-07-11linkSwitchDM, tack, boomer, SM and village, all 2/43065Medium xTrivialcoyotikShow/hide:
Will the real dart monkey Please stand up?2013-07-12linkCastleDart users except DMs banned3055Medium
A Little Bit Out Of Control2013-07-13linkSpace Truckin'max 4 total, GG 2/3, ice 3/2, boomer 3/1, app 3/2, sniper 1/31646Medium yellow and pink are zebra, zebra is rainbowxMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Round the Outside2013-07-14linkDockside4/2 ace, 4/2 village, 2/4 GG, 2/4 spactory1565Medium blue and yellow are pink, pink are whitexEasycoyotikShow/hide:
The Most Unique2013-07-15linkSpace Truckin'max 10 total, tack 4/2, ninja 3/2, ice555Hard
Go to Treasure Island2013-07-16linkArchipelagotack, mortar, spactory. 4/0 boomer, 4/0 buccaneer, 4/0 dartling165Medium xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
A Trip to Egypt2013-07-17linkSnake RiverDM 2/3, GG 2/4, buccaneer 3/4, SM 4/2, farm 1/4176Hard
Stop, Drop and Roll2013-07-18linkMount MagmaDM 3/0, SM, ninja 0/4, bomb 4/0, ice, ace 0/42660Medium xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Tip Of The Iceberg2013-07-19linkRinkbuccaneer, farm, mortar, dartling, all 4/03660Medium xLeaks (rounds 38-40)HardcoyotikShow/hide:
Barbecued Fish2013-07-20linkDockside4/2 tack, 4/2 SM, 2/4 app, 3/2 spactory2560Medium xHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Splash Damage2013-07-21linkArchipelagoice, mortar, 2/4 GG, 2/4 dartling, 4/2 bomb4065Medium rainbows +1?HardcoyotikShow/hide:
Purple Day2013-07-22linkBloon Circlesboomer 3/2, sniper, ninja, glue, SM, dartling, spactory all 2/22060Medium xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Switchy Two2013-07-23linkSwitchtack, ice, GG, ninja 4/2, ace 3/2, SM 2/4, one SMS4665Hard
Dink2013-07-24linkMonkey Laneninja, ice2060Medium yellow are white, black are zebraxLeaks in 27HardcoyotikShow/hide:
No Limits2013-07-25linkArchipelagomax 5 total, 1 of each 4/2 DM, sniper, ninja, SM, buccaneer, mortar, dartling2665Hard
Bloonberry Protection2013-07-26linkPark Pathno camo poppers, four bushes provided155Hard
Upgrade Deprived2013-07-27linkPark Pathboomer 1/4, SM 0/4, spactory 4/04060Medium xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
The Cup Is Half Full2013-07-28linkBloon Circles2 of each, buccaneer, ace, farm, spactory, tack, ninjja, ice, glue3570Hard xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Shell Annihilation2013-07-29linkLightning Scarace, SM, mortar4080Medium
Bogus, Man2013-07-30linkRink1 of each1065Hard
Six Monkeys of Philosophy2013-07-31linkMonkey Lane1 of each 3/3 sniper, 4/2 ninja, 3/2 super, 3/2 app, 2/4 mortar and 2/4 dartling4075Hard
Extreme Environmentalism2013-08-01linkMonkey Lanesniper, ice, app2055Hard xLeaks in 30sMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Laser Arm Cannons2013-08-02linkSwitch2 of each 4/1 bomb, 2/4 SM, 4/2 dartling, boomer, one meerkat2065Hard xLeaks (avoidable)MediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Wreck'n'roll2013-08-03linkSpace Truckin'3 of each 4/2 DM, 2/4 bomb, spactory2465Hard xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Worlds Collide2013-08-04linkSnake Rivermax 6 total, DM 4/3, tack 3/0, ninja 4/2, bomb 3/3, SM 3/4 and app 2/42465Hard xLeaks (sometimes, small)HardcoyotikShow/hide:
Stay On Track2013-08-05linkMonkey Lanemax 4 total, GG, spactory, road items, one BDD2860Hard xSellingHardcoyotikShow/hide:
The Hero You Need2013-08-06linkSnake River1 of each, only dartling can be upgraded2250Easy xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Battle Veterans2013-08-07linkArchipelago4/1 sniper, 1/2 boomer, 0/0 ninja, 2/3 bomb and ice, 2/2 glue and buccanee, 1/3 super and 2/3 app1062Medium xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
The Three Mechanics2013-08-08linkSwitchmax 3 total, 1 of each 3/2 boomer, 2/4 sM, 4/2 mortar, 4/2 dartling, ninja, glue2665Medium xLeaks (small)MediumcoyotikShow/hide:
CheaPb2013-08-09linkMonkey Lanethe only way to pop lead is upgrades over 20002065Medium xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
No Sharp Turns2013-08-10linkLightning Scarmax 5 total, 0/3 bomb, 4/2 ice, 4/2 GG and 1/2 spactory3050Medium xSellingMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Igloos Researching2013-08-11linkSlalombomb 4/2, ice 2/4, mortar 2/42065Medium xLeaksMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Game Day2013-08-12linkMount Magmadartling 2/2, DM, sniper, ace, SM, spactory4375Medium xLeaks (small, random)MediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Get Used To It2013-08-13linkBloon Circlestack 4/0, app 0/4, village 4/0, SM, ice2065Medium xHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Faulty World Collision2013-08-14linkSnake River1 of each DM 3/2, boomer 2/4, bomb 2/0, SM 2/4, app 2/42560Hard
Ability Madness2013-08-15linkSpace Truckin'1 of each tack, bomb, ice, glue, buccaneer all 2/4, one SMS4665Deflation xHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Stuck on Repeat2013-08-16linkSwitch165Medium every three are +1, 0, -1 - blue, pink, lead, ceramic, ZOMGxHardcoyotikShow/hide:
No Time Left!2013-08-17linkClockboomer, bomb, glue, mortar1040Apopalypse xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Spreading Control2013-08-18linkDrag Striptack, spactory, ice, boomer 4/2, bomb 4/2, SM 2/4, one SMS3065Medium xLeaksHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Go For The Jugular2013-08-19linkDockside4/2 DM and 4/1 dartling3570Medium xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Traffic Control2013-08-20linkDownstream2/4 DM, 4/2 boomer, glue, ice, app, 4/2 bomb, 2/4 ninja3065Easy pink and black +1, zebra -1
SABB2013-08-21linkRinkonly snipers can hurt MOABs4664Medium xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Evacuation Protocol2013-08-22linkCastletack, bomb, village, farm, spactory, 4 bushes and a pontoon1770Medium xHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Double Double2013-08-23linkBloon Circles2 of each DM, tack, boomer, GG, farm, one SMS3264Hard xFarming, LeaksMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Making Life Easier2013-08-24linkCastlemax 10 total and 5 of each. Sniper and GG are the only ones who can get upgrades.150Easy xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Sixteen Towers2013-08-25linkSwitchmax 16 total without SM and road items4860Medium xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Monkey in the Middle2013-08-26linkDocksidemonkeys on left 4/0 and on right 0/4, nonmonkeys opposite3065Hard xcoyotikShow/hide:
The Unpurchasables2013-08-27linkClockmax 5 total and 1 of each, only towers that cost more than 650165Medium xLeaks (obvious first round)coyotikShow/hide:
Pitcher Perfect2013-08-29linkBloon Circlesmax 9 total, DM 2/2, boomer 4/2, ninja, SM 0/1, app 2/2160Medium xLeaks (random), SellingcoyotikShow/hide:
Piercing Proliferation Plan2013-08-30linkLightning Scarmax 6 total and 3 of each tack, boomer, ninja, ace, SM, app and dartling, all 3/33065Medium xcoyotikShow/hide:
Still Monkeys2013-08-31linkSlalomdartling, boomer, ice, gg, mortar1575Hard xRandom leaks (avoidable with dartling start)MediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Stand Right There2013-09-01linkBloon CirclesDM 4/2, tack 4/2, boomer 4/2, ice 2/3, dartling 3/2 and spactory 4/33272Hard xLeaks (avoidable)HardcoyotikShow/hide:
It's a second trend2013-09-02linkArchipelagoDM 4/2, sniper, buccaneer, ace, apprentice and village all 2/42062Medium xHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Insane Tricks2013-09-03linkSnake Rivercamo and lead popping only with tier 4160Medium xcoyotikShow/hide:
Can't locate directly2013-09-04linkMount Magma4 of each, 10 max - ice, dartling, village, mortar, ace, village, farm, spactory1865Medium xcoyotikShow/hide:
Icy Cold War2013-09-05linkRinkmax 6 total ice, tack, spactory2565Medium xcoyotikShow/hide:
Use the Machines2013-09-06linkSwitchmax 10 total, 2/4 boomer, sniper, GG, ace, buccaneer, mortar, dartling, 2/4 SM, one portable lake1880Medium xcoyotikShow/hide:
Unlucky Combination2013-09-07linkSpace Truckin'DM 4/2, GG 4/2, sniper 2/44076Medium rainbow +1xHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Vanilla2013-09-08linkClockmax 8 total, 3 of each ninja, ace, dartling, spactory, dm, tack, sniper, boomer1565Hard xSelling, small random leaksHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Icing on the cake2013-09-09linkRinkice 2/2 is the only lead/frozen popper2565Medium xcoyotikShow/hide:
Weapons Testing2013-09-10linkDeath Valley2/2 DM, 2/4 dartling, mortar, bomb150Easy xcoyotikShow/hide:
Toxicity2013-09-11linkSwitch4/2 GG, 3/3 bomb and tack, 1/1 spactory160Medium xcoyotikShow/hide:
Isolated Whirlwind2013-09-12linkBloon Circles5 of each 4/2 boomer, ninja, 2/2 ice, 3/2 apprentice and 2/1 farms2565Medium xSellingcoyotikShow/hide:
All A's2013-09-13linkArchipelago2 of each ace and apprentice130Apopalypse xLeaks (possibly avoidable)EasycoyotikShow/hide:
Complimentary2013-09-14linkLightning ScarDM, boomer, glue, spactory, all 2/42665Medium blue and yellow are white, green are blackxcoyotikShow/hide:
Deep Zebra Sea2013-09-15linkArchipelagocannon, ice, mortar, GG 1/4, village, farm140Hard all below lead are lead, lead are zebraxFarming, SellingEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Initiation2013-09-16linkRink9 DMs5065Medium xcoyotikShow/hide:
Aerodynamics2013-09-17linkSnake Rivermax 5 total DM 2/3, boomer 2/4, ace, app 4/2, ninja 4/21065Medium xSellingcoyotikShow/hide:
Reload2013-09-19linkLightning ScarDM 4/2, mortar 4/2, bomb 2/41565Hard xLeaks (small)MediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Magical Factory of Doom2013-09-19linkSwitch1 of each spactory, app, dartling 4/2 and SM 2/41060Medium xcoyotikShow/hide:
Staying the same2013-09-20linkSnake Rivermax 8 total of boomer 2/4, SM 0/2, village 2/4, farm 2/2150Medium xcoyotikShow/hide:
Accumulated Strike2013-09-21linkClockThe more bloons a tower can pop without upgrades, the more upgrades it has3265Medium xLeaksMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Super Magic Rifle2013-09-22linkPark PathSM, sniper, app, all 3/32265Medium xHardcoyotikShow/hide:
The One Where Everything Multiplies2013-09-23linkLightning Scarupgrades that multiply popping power2660Medium xcoyotikShow/hide:
Los Mismos Tres2013-09-24linkArchipelago3/0 sniper, SMs and farms, 0/3 DMs and bombs, 3 meerkats2575Medium xSelling, FarmingcoyotikShow/hide:
Fun Fair Boat2013-09-25linkDocksidemax 5 total, DM, sniper, tack 4/2, boomer 4/2, village 4/2, ice 2/4, glue 2/4, SM 2/22565Medium black to zebra are rainbowsxSellingcoyotikShow/hide:
The Only Exception2013-09-26linkDockside1 of each, only SM can pop lead, one BDD165Easy xcoyotikShow/hide:
No Service2013-09-27linkLightning Scarmax 6 total and 2 of each, 4/3 DM, 3/3 sniper, 3/3 ice, 2/4 mortar and 2/4 dartling2060Medium xLeakscoyotikShow/hide:
A Sticky situation2013-09-28linkClocksniper 3/3, GG 2/4, spactory 1/4, farm 3/0, 1 SMS1565Medium xSelling, Farming, LeaksExtremecoyotikShow/hide:
Call it a Storm2013-09-29linkArchipelagoninja, boomer, village, one pontoon1165Medium low +/-1 to be red/yellow/black, cera and rainbows are leads.xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Douse Em2013-09-30linkSnake River4/2 buccaneers, 3/3 farms and 2/1 GGs, one SMS2860Hard xLeaks (round 60), SellingcoyotikShow/hide:
First is the worst2013-10-01linkSwitchDM 4/2, sniper, bomb, GG 4/2, app 3/2, SM 1/23060Medium
Roleplay2013-10-02linkSlalom2 of each boomer, ninja, buccaneer, apprentice all 4/21065Hard xcoyotikShow/hide:
Invested2013-10-03linkCastlemax 8 towers, no abilities5076Medium xcoyotikShow/hide:
Collectors Edition2013-10-04linkPark Path0/3 apps, 0/2 boomers, 0/2 aces and 0/3 buccaneers, 1 turtle2560Hard xcoyotikShow/hide:
A lot of 3s2013-10-05linkMonkey Lane3 of each tack, glue, ace, mortar, spactory, ice - all 3/3375Medium xSellingMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Flashback2013-10-06linkDockside3 of each sniper 2/4, bomb 4/2, ace, 2/4 mortar150Medium green is black, pink is white and rainbow is zebraxLeaks, SellingHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Time Quota2013-10-07linkClock2 of each, 1 turtle, lake and beekeeper. Banned ice, glue, farm, mortar, road items and upgrades that in any way impede bloons2060Hard xHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Switch It Down2013-10-08linkSwitchSM, mortar and dartlign all 2/2, 3 SMS provided165Medium xSellingMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Beekeeper River2013-10-09linkSnake River2/4 GG, 4/2 buccaneer, 2/0 farm, 2 beekeepers1365Medium xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Aircraft Carriers2013-10-10linkDocksideaces and a bush1550Easy xLeaks (random)EasycoyotikShow/hide:
Wall Street on Ice2013-10-11linkSlalomice, farm 2/4, everything else 1/12050Medium xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
I Choose You2013-10-12linkCountry Road1 of each ice, glue, SM, DM, sniper, boomer, ninja3670Medium xLeaksMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Cool 'em down2013-10-13linkSlalomall 2/4, village 4/2, 1 BDD2865Easy 2, 1, 0, 0, 2, 3, 0, 0, 2, 1, 0, 1, 1, 0 xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Silence Is Golden2013-10-14linkMonkey Lane2/1 GG, 3/2 SM and 0/1 boomer, one meerkat160Hard xLeaks (sometimes a yellow slips by in one of the early rounds)MediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Specialized Warfare2013-10-15linkArchipelagomax 6 total, only sniper, ace, mortar and dartling can be upgraded2565Hard xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Divided2013-10-16linkThe Great Dividetack, 4/2 bomb, ice, ace, 2/4 SM, spactory2865Medium xHardkaribolaShow/hide:
Recycle2013-10-17linkJungle Track2/4 DM, 4/3 sniper, 4/2 boomer, 4/1 bomb, 2/1 farm and 1/1 dartling165Hard red, blue and yellow are green, pink are yellow and cera are rainbowxLeaks (sometimes, small)coyotikShow/hide:
Time to Cooperate2013-10-18linkBrick Wall2 of each tack, bomb, spactory, buccaneer2565Hard xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Middle Class2013-10-19linkDockside1 of each spactory, ninja, bomb, buccaneer, apprentice3565Medium xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Ice Cream Sundae2013-10-20linkZ factor4 of each dm, tack, ice3065Medium all up to pink, white, zebra, ceramicxMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Need More Oxygen2013-10-21linkSpace Truckin'4 of each, all 0/22060Medium xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Cubed2013-10-22linkSwitchmax 8 total, 1 of each2764Hard xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Greening2013-10-23linkDownstream1/4 DM, 3/2 bomb, 2/4 mortar, 2/4 spactory, 4/2 SM, 1/1 dartling, 1/1 ace, 1 turtle1560Medium
Eye of the Super Boomer2013-10-24linkThe Eyeboomer, SM, 4/2 villages, 2 SMS2060Medium xleaks (camos in 24 and 33)MediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Moab? No problem2013-10-25linkSpace Truckin'3 of each ice, glue, 4/0 village, farm1860Medium xFarmingHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Lord of the Rings of Fire2013-10-26linkFireworkstack and boomer, both 4/22050Easy xLeaks (camo)EasycoyotikShow/hide:
Time Constraints2013-10-27linkClockmortar, sniper, spactory150Easy xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Expansion2013-10-28linkSpace Truckin'2 of each buccaneer, SM, 4/2 DM and village, 1 angry squirrel2060Hard xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Half The Space, Double The Fun2013-10-29linkThe Great Divide2 of each, and 2 of each agent provided.1865Hard xHardcoyotikShow/hide:
4 points2013-10-30linkMount Magmamax 4 total and 1 of each tack, cannon, ace, app, farm150Medium xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Bones, Bats and pumpkins2013-10-31linkThe Eyemax 7 total, DM 2/4, ace, SM 0/3, bomb 4/1, boomer 1/4, dartling 2/2, buccaneer, 1 lake2665Medium Leaks, SellingHardNephesh (edited)Show/hide:
Fast and Furious2013-11-01linkCastleDM, boomer, ice, SM, mortar and village all 2/4, 4 squirrels and beekeeper1065Easy xLeaks (sometimes)MediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Save Up2013-11-02linkBloon Circlestack, farm, 4/0 boomer, 0/1 dartling, 3/1 village2560Medium xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Dead Zeppelin2013-11-03linkCountry Roadbomb 2/4, app 2/4, sniper 4/2, village, spactory4085Medium xLeaks (round 43, random)MediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Super Monkey Storm2013-11-04linkArchipelagomax 6 total, 3 of each SM, tack, DM1850Medium
ANT farm2013-11-05linkTunnelsice, dartling, ninja, farm1865Medium xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Symmetry2013-11-06linkThe Eyetack, bomb, ace, dartling, 2/2 app, 4/3 spactory3366Easy xLeaks (depending on your dartling skills)EasycoyotikShow/hide:
Bloons-Pop-Three2013-11-07linkSwitchboomer 0/4, SM 2/2, dartling 2/2353Medium xTrivialcoyotikShow/hide:
Timing is Everything2013-11-08linkClocktack 0/4, sniper 3/0, ace 2/2, mortar 3/0, dartling 0/41050Medium xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Eyes See, Machines Burn2013-11-09linkSwitchmax 10 total dm 3/4, tack 4/2, ninja 4/2, bomb 4/3, buccameer 2/2, one lake, one SMS2665Hard xSelling, leaksHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Over the Wall2013-11-10linkBrick Wallmax 5 towers total, boomer 2/4, ninja, apprentice 2/2, farm2560Medium xTrivialcoyotikShow/hide:
Look Alive2013-11-11linkSwitch2 of each SM, dartling, 4/2 DM, 2/4 boomer and 2/0 ninja3065Medium xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
The Three Kings2013-11-12linkJungle Trackall 3/3160Hard
Flaming Ice2013-11-13linkMount Magmaspactory 4/2, mortar, ice3065Medium
Royals2013-11-14linkCountry Road1 of each, all 4/2 - sniper, app, boomer, super, buccaneer2865Medium xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Close enough2013-11-15linkDownstreamDM tack bomb buccaneer dartling all 3/3. Meerkat, bush and beekeeper266Medium all under rainbows (except leads) +1xLeaksMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Sea Skulls2013-11-16linkArchipelagomax 6 total, 4/2 DM, 2/4 buccaneer, 4/2 SM, 3/2 mortar and 4/2 spactory2075Medium xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Rangers2013-11-17linkSnake River2 of each DM 4/0, tack 4/2, bomb 2/2, ship 4/3, SM 4/2, village3065Medium xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Monkey Titans2013-11-18linkArchipelago1 of each tactk 4/2, ninja, apprentice, 2/4 SM, 1 beekeeper1660Hard xLeaksMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Don't hide in the fields2013-11-19linkBloon Circles2 of each ninjas, dartlings, spactories, one BDD and bush2460Hard xRoad Items and/or leaksHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Monkey Business2013-11-20linkClockmax 10 total, 3/0 app, 2/4 GG, 4/0 bomb, 0/4 DM, 0/4 ninja, sniper, ice, village and 0/4 mortar1563Medium xLeaksHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Magic Rangas2013-11-21linkFireworksmax 3 total and 2 of each app and boomer3060Medium xTrivialcoyotikShow/hide:
Are The Extras Needed?2013-11-22linkPark Path2 of each - DM and sniper 4/0, SM and banana 0/43070Medium xSellingHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Bad Day2013-11-23linkClocksniper 3/0, boomer 3/2, ninja 2/3, app 2/1, farm 2/0. 2 squirrels1953Medium xLeaksMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Clean Up2013-11-24linkSnake Rivertack, spactory, ace all 2/42565Medium xLeaks (random)MediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Boomy2013-11-25linkTunnelsmax 8 total, boomers, bombs and mortars2460Medium
Blow Up the River2013-11-26linkDownstreamninja 0/3, ice 2/3, apprentice 4/1, one SMS149Easy xLeaksMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Clean Up on Mile 132013-11-27linkDrag Strip2/4 DM, bomb, 2/2 ice, 4/2 GG, SM, 2/3 app2560Hard
MOAB-Class Colours2013-11-28linkZ factormax 5 total and 3 of each ninja, bomb, sm3065Hard
Grey Steel2013-11-29linkSwitchspactory, mortar, boomer, bomb 2/4, sniper 3/4, DM 4/22665Medium
Sun Tacks2013-11-30linkBloon Circlesmax 10 total, tacks, 3/2 SMs and 2/2 spactories1065Medium EasycoyotikShow/hide:
Hot Ice Dartarama2013-12-01linkSpace Truckin'1/3 mortar, 3/1 ice and 2/4 DM2060Hard xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
No Attitude2013-12-02linkRinkninja, ace165Medium xTrivialcoyotikShow/hide:
Castle of Sense2013-12-03linkCastleninja, ace, app, dartling, 2/2 spactory2681Medium xHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Leadboratory2013-12-04linkLightning Scarmax 10 total of 4/0 DM, tack and village, 1/3 sniper, 4/2 boomer, 0/3 ninja, 4/1 ace, 2/3 SM, 4/2 dartling and 2/0 spactory165Medium xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Assistance Discontinued2013-12-05linkDocksideace 4/0, app 2/3, sniper, ninja, bomb, ice, glue, SM, mortar and dartling all 4/3.4065Medium BFB +1xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Where is the Light2013-12-06linkMount Magmaboomer 4/2, ninja 4/2, ice 3/3, SM 3/0, app 4/0, farm150Medium blue and zebra -1, green, pink, white, rainbow and MOAB +1xFarmingEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Coast Guard2013-12-07linkDockside2 of each mortar, dartling, sniper, cannon, ace, buccaneer, all 2/2550Medium xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Wired2013-12-08linkPark Pathmax 4 total and 2 of each - GG, 2/4 SM, 2/4 buccanee and 4/2 dartling2565Hard xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Three's a Crowd2013-12-09linkThe Eyemax 9 total and 3 of each 2/4 DM, 3/2 SM and 2/4 dartling3060Medium xLeaksMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
The Hotkey is in the Name2013-12-10linkArchipelago2 of each sniper, boomer, dartling2065Medium xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
King of he Jungle2013-12-11linkJungle Trackninjas, bombs, SMs and farms all 4/03650Medium xLeaksHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Shuriken Firestorm2013-12-12linkCountry Road4/2 ninjas, 4/3 tacks, apprentices2559Hard xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Blade Hailstorm2013-12-13linkBloon Circlesmax 6 of each 2/3 ice, 2/4 tack, 2/4 spactory2650Apopalypse xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Treasure Island2013-12-14linkArchipelagomax 2 of each tack, bomb, buccaneer 2/4 and spactory2060Medium xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Interaction2013-12-15linkSnake River2/4 DM, sniper, 4/2 ice, 3/2 farm, 3/4 dartling, village, 3/2 mortar1865Medium xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Ceramic Apocalypse2013-12-16linkArchipelagosniper, boomer, ninja, ice and cannon 1/0, DM 4/0.150Easy xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Double Trouble2013-12-17linkSpace Truckin'max 2 of each.146Medium All +2xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Off Centre2013-12-18linkSlalommax 2 of each 2/4 glue, 2/4 bomb, 4/2 app and 4/2 spactory, one beekeeper and one bush3065Hard xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
The Laboratory2013-12-19linkSwitchone of each 2/3 DM, 2/4 boomer, 4/2 GG, mortar and 1/2 dartling, 1 bush3049Easy xHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Camo, Lead, Both, Neither2013-12-20linkPark Pathone of each 3/4 boomer, 4/2 buccaneer, spactory, farm160Hard xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Magic in the Air2013-12-21linkSnake River2/3 DMs, 3/2 boomers and 1/0 apps. 1 SMS2660Hard xTrivialcoyotikShow/hide:
Pin Point2013-12-22linkLightning Scar2/2 DM, 0/3 sniper, 2/1 GG, 0/2 SM and 4/2 village2650Medium xLeaksMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
50%2013-12-23linkSpace Truckin'1 of each limited to 2/24385Medium All half rank rounded up.xTrivialcoyotikShow/hide:
Journey2013-12-24linkSpace Truckin'max 5 total and 1 of each - 3/2 ninja, 2/3 apprentice, dartling, buccaneer, spactory and SM all 3/02670Medium xTrivialcoyotikShow/hide:
Hot Base2013-12-25linkMount Magmamax 3 total - app, bomb, mortar3050Hard xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Bloons by the Letters2013-12-26linkRinkMax 10 total with dm, tack, ace, SM, farm and road items banned.4070Hard xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Burning Shadow Froms2013-12-27linkBloon Circles1 of each 4/2 ninja, 3/2 ice, 2/3 SM and 4/2 spactory2665Medium xHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Brobdingnagian Ammunition2013-12-28linkSlalom1 of each buccaneer, dartling and tack all 2/4, bomb and mortar 4/3 and spactory 4/2165Hard xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Elite Defense2013-12-29linkCastle1 of each buccaneer, ace, SM, mortar and dartling1065Easy
No, It's Super Monkey2013-12-30linkDockside2/3 aces, 4/0 DMs and 1/2 SMs2350Medium xPossible leaks in 46MediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Elegy of Emptiness2013-12-31linkCastle2 of each DM, ninja, bomb, SM 2/4150Easy xRandom small leaksMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Cheaper it Becomes2014-01-01linkMount Magma1 of each 4/2 DM, 3/1 sniper, 3/2 app and 1/0 SM1046Medium xLeaksEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Placement Plan2014-01-02linkMonkey Lanemax 5 total and 3 of each 2/4 gg, 2/4 ace, 1/4 spactory1655Medium xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Planning2014-01-03linkMonkey Lane5 towers max, 3 of each, all limited to 2/1127Medium zebra=MOABxHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Spiked boomerang2014-01-04linkSwitchmax 5 total and 4 of each 1/2 spactory and 2/3 boomer, 3 SMS2650Medium xLeaks, SellingMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Black Death2014-01-05linkLightning ScarDM and GG 4/2, sniper, ninja and SM 2/4, farm, bomb, ace3065Hard rainbow and BFB +1xLeaks, SellingHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Mellow Yellow Fellows2014-01-06linkThe EyeSM 4/1, mortar 4/2, spactory 0/0, GG 1/1, boomer 1/22445Easy xLeaksMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Frost Rocket2014-01-07linkBloon Circlesbomb 2/3, ice 4/2, village 2/2150Medium red->blue, green->white, yellow->black, lead/rainbow -> zebra, ceramic -> rainbowxLeaksHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Great Scott2014-01-08linkSnake River1 of each 4/2 boomer, 4/2 ninja, 4/2 ice, 2/4 sniper and 2/4 SM2665Medium xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Soft Lands2014-01-09linkArchipelagomax 6 total and 2 of each, all limited to 2/2, no road items.2060Medium xLeaks (small, sometimes)MediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Moab Down2014-01-09linkPark Pathsniper, ice, 3/4 village, 2/4 farm and 2/4 mortar6185Hard blimps -1xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Forgotten2014-01-11linkSpace Truckin'max 4 of each and 8 total, 2/2 tack, 1/4 ninja, 1/2 ice, 3/1 mortar150Hard xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Cold Inferno2014-01-12linkPark Path1 of each 4/2 tach, 2/4 ice, 2/4 apprentice and 2/4 mortar4060Medium xLeaks (sometimes) or SellingHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Camoday Device2014-01-13linkSlalom1 of each app, mortar, dm, sniper, boomer and gluegunner, all limited so that they cannot pop camo. One BDD2050Easy xLeaks (33 and 47)EasycoyotikShow/hide:
Battles2014-01-14linkThe Great Dividemax 8 total and 2 of each2550Medium xLeaksMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Last and Least2014-01-15linkLightning Scarmax 7 total, DM and spactories150Easy xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Things of Legend2014-01-16linkLightning Scarmax 5 total, 1 of each ninja, 2/4 buccaneer, 4/2 SM and apprentice, one portable lake150Medium xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Cheaper Than Before2014-01-17linkDrag Stripfarm, mortar, spactory, sniper, ice, glue, app2065Medium
Photosynthesis2014-01-18linkSnake Rivermax 5 total and 3 of each 3/2 SM, 2/3 app and 1 blueberry bush2465Medium xLeaks (possibly avoidable)MediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Plenty of Time Left2014-01-19linkClockall 4/0, banned right column2565Medium
Crop Army2014-01-20linkBloon Circles1 of each 2/3 DM, 2/4 tack, 3/1 sniper, 2/4 boomer, 4/2 bomb, 3/3 ice, 4/1 ace, 2/1 village and 0/4 mortar2665Medium xLeaks (random mortar misses on camos), sellingMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Shallow Pockets2014-01-21linkJungle Track1 of each app, ninja, ice, gg, buccaneer, dm, tack, sniper, boomer, lake provided2660Medium xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Thrifty Fours2014-01-22linkCountry Road4/2 DMs, 2/4 ninjas, 2/4 ice and tacks150Medium xLeaks (small)MediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Know your role2014-01-23linkCastleone of each limited to 2/22650Easy xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Heavy Monkeynations2014-01-24linkSlalom2/3 ices, 3/2 aces and 2/2 apps2565Medium xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Magic Village2014-01-25linkSlalommax 10 total and 5 of each 2/4 tack, 2/4 village, 2/1 dartling, 1/4 spactory and 0/0 apprentice2665Medium xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Target2014-01-26linkSnake Rivermax 5 total, sniper, gg, dartling2560Medium xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Eznorb, Revlis, Dlog2014-01-28linkLightning Scarmax 5 total and 2 of each dartling, mortar, spactory2665Medium xLeaks possible (round 47)MediumcoyotikShow/hide:
The Daring Dozen2014-01-28linkMonkey Lanemax 12 total2027Easy red -> cera, blue and white -> BFB, green and zebra -> ZOMG, yellow, pink and black -> MOABxHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Hitting the Wall2014-01-29linkMount Magma3 of each 2/0 DM, 3/2 tack, 4/3 GG, 1/3 SM, 3/4 village and 2/0 dartling3660Medium xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
New and Improved2014-01-30linkBrick Wallmax 7 total, villages, buccaneers and DMs2650Hard xTrivialcoyotikShow/hide:
Hide and Seek2014-01-30linkTunnels1 of each glue, bomb, spactory4265Medium xTrivialcoyotikShow/hide:
Monkey City Veterans2014-02-01linkMonkey LaneDM 0/0, farms 2/4 and village 4/2150Easy lead = zebra, rainbow = leadxTrivialcoyotikShow/hide:
Laser Cannons2014-02-02linkCountry Road1 of each 4/0 village, 4/1 bomb, 2/4 buccaneer, 1/2 SM, 4/2 dartling, mortar2660Hard xLeaks (small, depending on your dartling skills)HardcoyotikShow/hide:
Gloomers2014-02-03linkLightning Scarboomers and glue2650Easy xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Far Away2014-02-04linkArchipelagomax 5 total, 1 of each, no aces and buccaneers5085Medium xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
From a Distance2014-02-05linkDeath Valley3 of each sniper, ace, dartling, mortar2450Easy xLeaks, SellingHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Legend of the Phoenix2014-02-06linkMount Magma5 max total and 2 of each 2/2 boomer, 2/2 DM and 2/4 apprentice, one tribal turtle2650Hard xLeaks (not always)EasycoyotikShow/hide:
Construction Site2014-02-07linkDockside1 of each 2/4 boomer, 2/2 super, 2/1 village and 1/2 spactory2653Hard xLeaks or selling (round 42)HardcoyotikShow/hide:
Jungle Duo2014-02-08linkJungle Trackmortars and ninjas1065Hard xSellingMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Straight Wall2014-02-09linkBrick Wallmax 5 total and 2 of each, ninja 4/0, app 1/4, glue, cannon, dartling, SM, DM3777Hard xHardcoyotikShow/hide:
The Final Countdown2014-02-10linkClockmax 10 total and 3 of each tack, boomer, ninja, glue, mortar, pineapples146Apopalypse xLeaksMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Specified Heroes2014-02-11linkClockaces 3/3, snipers 4/3 and DMs 3/32459Medium xLeaksHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Shocking Sticky Spiky Shuriken2014-02-12linkZ factor3 of each ninja, 4/2 GG, 4/2 app and 2/3 spactory2665Hard xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Around in Circles2014-02-13linkBloon Circlesmortar 0/4, cannon 0/4, farm 4/0 and apprentice 0/41565Medium
Odd Monkey Words2014-02-14linkMonkey Lane1 of each DM, ninja, village all 2/4 and mortar and ice both 4/22650Easy xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Time For A Take-Down2014-02-15linkClockbuccaneers, cannons and SMs, 2 portable lakes2665Hard xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Downstream Daredevil2014-02-16linkDownstreammax 8 total and 2 of each, spactory 1/4, tack 4/2, village, glue and ice all 2/21050Easy xLeaks (small, spactory luck)HardcoyotikShow/hide:
Sliding Ahead2014-02-17linkSlalomice, dm, village, farm160Medium all +1, pink and white +2xHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Aim and Wait2014-02-18linkPark Pathmax 3 of each ice, dartling, spactory2665Hard xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Sailing the Seven Seas2014-02-19linkArchipelagomax 14 total and 7 of each, DM, buccaneer, bomb and mortar 4/3, ice, farms and aces 3/4777Medium xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
The Right Place2014-02-20linkCountry Roadmax 4 of each 3/2 boomer, 2/4 bomb, 2/3 ace, mortar2665Medium xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Bloon Intercept2014-02-21linkSwitchmax 5 of each spactory, 4/0 ace and 4/2 bomb2065Medium xLeaksHardcoyotikShow/hide:
But Where's the MOABs2014-02-22linkJungle Trackbuccaneers 2/4, spactories 2/3, bombs 2/4, farms, one lake162Medium All MOAB class are ceramicsxLeaks (small early, something in 40/43)MediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Anti-Environmentalism2014-02-23linkClockmax 6 of each tack, ice and app2565Medium xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
The BTD Five2014-02-24linkCastlemax 5 total – ninja, buccaneer, mortar2650Easy xLeaksMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Shell Shocked2014-02-25linkSnake River2/2 apps, mortars and 5 tribal turtles1050Medium xTrivialcoyotikShow/hide:
Patrol2014-02-26linkMount Magmamax 10 total and 3 of each 4/2 DM, 2/4 tack, 3/2 boomer, 2/4 ace and 2/4 apprentice2065Medium xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
First Five2014-02-27linkDocksidebuccaneer, sniper, ice, village, mortar2565Medium xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Monkey of Steel2014-02-28linkMount Magma1 of each, and only SM can be upgraded2550Medium xLeaks or sellingEasycoyotikShow/hide:
BMC Country2014-03-01linkCountry Roadspactory, mortar, village3665Medium xLeaksHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Side-effected2014-03-02linkSlalom4of each 2/4 DM, 2/4 glue and 2/4 buccaneer3060Medium xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Chilly Gluey Snipery Storm... Thing2014-03-03linkRink2/3 snipers, 2/2 ice, 2/4 glue, one SMS2565Medium xLeaksHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Summer Freeze2014-03-04linkSlalom4/3 buccaneers, 3/3 aces, 2/1 villages and farms165Medium xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Colour Match2014-03-05linkMonkey Lane0/4 bomb, dart, sniper, village and mortar all 4/02265Medium xHardcoyotikShow/hide:
The ABPs2014-03-06linkClockboomer, bomb, buccaner, ace, farm, one lake, beekeeper and squirrel4268Medium xLeaks, SellingHardcoyotikShow/hide:
DDTDD2014-03-07linkFireworks3/2 boomers, 0/4 bombs, 2/3 mortars, 2/2 dartlings and 3/3 spactories2665Medium yellow and pink -> black, white, zebra and rainbow -> leadxMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Tower an Hour2014-03-08linkClockmax 12 total and 1 of each2465Hard xLeaks (46)MediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Crazy Dartlings2014-03-09linkMonkey Lane1 of each 1/4 DM, 3/0 ace, 1/2 SM and 2/2 dartling150Medium xLeaks (dartling skill)EasycoyotikShow/hide:
Decorations2014-03-10linkClock4 of each 2/4 boomer, 2/4 buccaner and 2/1 apprentice, 1 lake and 1 meerkat2062Medium xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Hardcore Lasers2014-03-11linkBrick Wall1/0 SM, road items2050Medium xroad itemsTrivialcoyotikShow/hide:
Simple Dock2014-03-12linkDocksidemax 3 total and one of each DM, sniper, SM, ninja, buccaneer, mortar, spactory, ice and village, all limited to 3/3. one BDD2060Medium xLeaks, SellingMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
That'll Leave a Scar2014-03-13linkLightning Scar3/1 boomers, 2/2 dartlings and 1/2 spactories1265Medium xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Mad Poppers2014-03-14linkCastlemax 10 total and 3 of each SM, cannon, buccaneer, sniper, village, ace5085Medium rainbow +1xLeaksHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Calm Clearing2014-03-15linkFireworksmax 12 total, DM, sniper, ninja3365Hard xNinja 3/1 a little right of last inner turn, sniper 1/0 and 1/1 (strong), add one more 1/0 (last). This should be enough to handle all leads. Two ninjas to 4/1, then add DM 3/0 (last) above spawn, to 4/0, then last ninja to 4/1Then one more 4/0 DM (strong), one more ninja, and up snipers to 2/3 and one more DM 4/0... then whatever.
Simple Circles2014-03-16linkBloon Circlesmax 3 total and 1 of each ace, app, dartling, boomer, glue, cannon, tack, farm, one BDD2060Medium xLeaks (depending on your dartling skills)HardcoyotikShow/hide:
Stop, Pop and Roll2014-03-17linkRink1 of each 0/4 tack, 1/4 ninja, 3/0 app, 1/4 mortar150Hard xSellingHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Country MOAB Leads Nowhere2014-03-18linkCountry Road1/4 DM, 3/4 boomer, ice, mortar3075Hard xLeaks (lucky camo pinks)HardcoyotikShow/hide:
No Escape2014-03-19linkTunnels2/4 bomb, GG, 2/4 ace, app, 1 SMS4065Hard xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Guns'n'Reds2014-03-20linkZ factorsniper, cannon, mortar, dartling3060Medium blue -> red, green -> yellow, black and white -> pink, lead, zebra and cera -> rainbow, MOAB->BFBxMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
An Eyeful2014-03-21linkThe Eyemax 10 total and 1 of each, without ninja, buccaneer, SM, farm, dartling and spactory2665Easy xLeaks (avoidable)HardcoyotikShow/hide:
C. A. W.2014-03-22linkBrick Walltack, ice, village3065Medium xLeaks (round 33)MediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Expressionless2014-03-23linkRinkmax 5 total ninjas, aces, apps, mortars3065Hard xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
All Your Base Are Belong To Us2014-03-24linkSpace Truckin'2 of each 2/4 bomb, 4/2 SM, mortar, farm and ice, 1 meerkat2060Hard xHardcoyotikShow/hide:
A B Day for B Day2014-03-26linkCountry Road6 Bdays, 2 squirrels and 2 beekeepers2065Medium xLeaksHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Lazy Monkeys2014-03-26linkSwitchmax 6 total, 2/3 boomers, 3/3 tacks, 3/3 bombs, 1/2 spactories and aces2650Medium xLeaks, SellingHardcoyotikShow/hide:
5 Keys2014-03-27linkSnake Rivermax 2 of each and 4 total – boomer 3/0, glue 4/1, SM 2/2, spactory 2/2 and village 3/3160Medium xSellingMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Special Adventures2014-03-28linkSwitchmax 4 total and 2 of each 2/4 GG, 2/4 buccaneer, 4/2 SM and 4/2 dartling, 1 lake2065Medium xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Second Tier to Everything2014-03-29linkMonkey Lanemax 9 total and 4 of each sniper, ace, app, dartling, spactory all 2/22060Medium xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Like a Rolling Stone2014-03-30linkMount Magma4/2 darts, 4/2 boomers, 4/2 spactories and 2/4 tacks2565Medium xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Bungle in the Jugnle2014-03-31linkJungle Trackninjas, bombs and apprentices all 4/23065Medium xLeaksMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Poor Turnout2014-04-01linkCastlemax 6 total cannons, 0/0 SM and road spikes2550Easy xLeaks, SellingHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Shiny Stars2014-04-02linkSpace Truckin'max 9 total DM, boomer, mortar, all 3/34960Medium xSelllingHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Fury Blades2014-04-03linkBloon Circlesmax 5 total and 3 of each tack 2/4, mortar 2/4 and farm 2/02350Hard xLeaksMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Operation Scorched Earth2014-04-04linkCountry Roadmax 10 total, bomb, ice, glue, mortar, 4/1 village, 1/4 app4080Medium xLeaksHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Fast deflation2014-04-05linkPark Pathno farms and road items2640Deflation xLeaks or SellingTrivialcoyotikShow/hide:
No Junk Mail2014-04-13linkMount Magma1 of each 2/3 DM, 3/0 tack, 1/0 sniper, 2/0 bomb, 2/0 ice, 2/0 farm and 1/0 dartling1038Medium xLeaksEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Another Jungle Bungle2014-04-14linkJungle Trackmax 4 of each gg, tack 3/4 and dartling 3/13760Medium xLeaks, SellingHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Both Feet on the Ground2014-04-15linkTunnels4/2 snipers, 0/4 ice, 2/2 SM, 4/1 apps, 4/0 mortars and 4/1 dartlings2565Medium xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Low Wall2014-04-16linkBrick Wall1 of each 4/2 village, 4/2 farm, 3/2 glue and 2/2 ice2650Easy xLeaks, Selling, FarmingEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Maths2014-04-17linkSpace Truckin'max 9 total 0/3 DM, 2/0 sniper, 3/0 ninja, 0/4 ice, 0/4 ace and 4/0 mortar2050Medium xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Nothing Special2014-04-18linkThe Eye2 of each spactory, ninja, ace, farm, dartling, DM, tack, sniper, boomer3065Medium xLeaksHardcoyotikShow/hide:
The Outsiders2014-04-21linkCountry Roadmax 6 total and 1 of each tack, sniper, glue, ice, ace, farm, dartling, spactory, mortar.2565Medium xHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Access All Areas2014-04-22linkPark Pathmax 7 total and 3 of each village, mortar, buccaneer, sniper4075Hard xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
The Unfavoured2014-04-23linkJungle Track4 of each SM, village, dartling, spactory2560Hard xLeaksHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Green guys2014-04-24linkFireworksmax 5 towers total, sniper, mortar and dartling all limited to 3/22365Medium xTrivialcoyotikShow/hide:
Nuclear Fusion2014-04-25linkMount Magmaone of each 2/4 ace, 3/2 SM, 4/2 mortar and 2/2 dartling, 1 meerkat5565Hard xLeaks, SellingHardPeterHoHKShow/hide:
Replication2014-04-26linkSwitchglue 2/3, bomb 3/3, mortar 2/3, ice 2/31665Medium
Oh Ace One2014-04-27linkCountry Road2 of each, only aces can be upgraded2065Medium xLeaks, SellingHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Unreliability2014-04-28linkClock1 of each 2/3 ice, 4/3 ace, 0/4 dartling, 0/4 mortar, spactory, 2/0 app2060Medium xLeaks, SellingHardcoyotikShow/hide:
A-specialty Special2014-04-29linkMount MagmaDM, boomer, tack 3/2, buccaneer 3/4, app 4/2, one portable lake2665Medium xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
A building for Two2014-04-30linkJungle Trackbomb, mortar, dartling, spactory, sniper, DM, tack, boomer3065Medium xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Two-Ply2014-05-01linkSwitchone of each glue, SM, farm, mortar, dartling, spactory - all 2/43065Medium xLeaksHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Layer Cake2014-05-02linkSpace Truckin'1/0 glue, 4/2 mortar, 0/2 ice, snipers3065Medium red +1xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Festivities2014-05-03linkLightning Scar1 of each 4/2 ninja, 4/1 bomb,. 2/2 SM, 2/4 app and 2/4 mortar2546Easy up to lead +2, above +1xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Parallel Universe2014-05-04linkSnake River1 of each DM, tack, ninja, spactory, dartling, ace - all 3/32560Medium xLeaks (dartling skill)MediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Forecast Disaster2014-05-05linkThe Eyeapp, mortar, ice2565Easy xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
The Last Chance2014-05-06linkMonkey Lane3 of each DM 0/4, sniper 1/2, SM 0/4, mortar 2/3, ninja 1/32565Hard xLeaks, SellingHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Team Monkeyopolis2014-05-07linkLightning Scarice, glue, app, 2/4 SM, one meerkat3565Medium xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Space Attack2014-05-08linkSpace Truckin'tacks, spactories, farms2070Hard xHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Hi Intensity Ray-diation2014-05-09linkTunnels3 of each 1/0 app, 4/1 dartling and 4/2 village2060Medium xHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Biscuit Bashers2014-05-10linkDockside1 of each 2/4 sniper, 2/4 ninja, 2/4 SM, 2/4 village, farm, spactory2060Medium xHardsniper355Show/hide:
Dig a Tunnel2014-05-11linkTunnelstack, ice, bomb, farm, two meerkats3560Medium xHardcoyotikShow/hide:
I Don't Want to Wear Glasses2014-05-12linkCountry Roadboomer, 4/2, sniper 4/1, ninja 4/3, DM, ice, glue 1/1, buccaneer 3/3, SM 0/1, app 0/0, mortar 2/4 and dartling 2/43075Hard xLeaksHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Linger2014-05-13linkPark Pathone of each 2/4 glue, 4/2 buccaneer, 2/4 apprentice, mortar, spactory2065Medium xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Bloons are the path to the Dart Side2014-05-14linkLightning Scarone of each 0/4 DM, ace, buccaneer, SM (all 4/0), one meerkat and lake provided1065Easy xRoad itemsMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Magic Super Ice Places2014-05-15linkThe Great Divide2 of each app, ace, SM and ice150Easy
Easy on the Eye2014-05-16linkThe Eyemax 7 total and 4 of each DM, SM, app, sniper, ninja, glue, mortar1050Easy xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Highs and Lows2014-05-17linkCountry Roadmax 10 total and 4 of each sniper, 3/1 boomer, 1/4 ice, 1/2 glue, 3/0 ace, 1/0 app, 4/2 village, 3/1 dartling and 1/4 spactory. 2665Medium xHardcoyotikShow/hide:
No Cold Feet2014-05-18linkSlalommax 5 total and 2 of each spactory, tack, cannon, village and farm all limited to 4/22060Medium xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Expensive Inventions2014-05-19linkMonkey Lanemax 5 of each ninja, ice, glue, farm, mortar all 4/0, ace 0/3, boomer, SM, village, dartling, spactory2865Medium green and white is cera, BFB is ZOMGxLeaks (luck in 29 and 32)HardcoyotikShow/hide:
Ice Trap2014-05-20linkRinkmax 9 total and 4 of each 1/4 snipers, 2/1 ninjas, 4/1 buccaneers, one SMS3569Medium xSellingHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Ring of Fire2014-05-21linkArchipelago1 of each 4/2 tack, ice, 0/4 app, 2/4 mortar and 4/2 spactory3055Medium xSellingMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Time to Strike2014-05-22linkClock3/4 tack, 2/2 app, 4/4 mortar2465Medium xLeaksMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Why'd the Game Stop2014-05-23linkCastle2 of each 2/4 tack, 2/4 ice, 4/2 buccaneer and 2/4 spactory2665Medium xLeaksHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Glue Gun Wild2014-05-24linkBloon Circlesmax 9 total and 3 of each sniper, GG, village, dartling, one angry squirrel2065Medium xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
18 Hours Later2014-05-25linkSlalommax 8 total and 2 of each 4/2 glue, 4/2 buccaneer, 2/4 ace, 4/2 village, 4/2 mortar, 2/4 spactory5085Medium xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Lead Popping Superposition2014-05-26linkSwitch1 of each 4/1 boomer, 2/0 bomb, 2/2 ninja, 2/3 ice, 2/3 buccaneer and 4/1 ace, one lake2850Easy red, yellow, pink, black and zebra are leadsxLeaks, SellingHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Sharp Skills2014-05-27linkDocksidemax 8 total and 4 of each ninja 4/2, boomer 2/3, glue 3/2, SM 0/3, village 0/2, 1 SMS3075Hard xLeaks, Selling, SBMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Twilightning Scar2014-05-28linkLightning Scarmax 5 total 2/3 sniper, 4/0 boomer, 2/4 ninja, 4/2 glue and 2/3 SM4055Medium xLeaksHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Ice See Ships2014-05-29linkRinkmax 5 total – spactory, village, buccaneer2565Hard xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Blazzing Hot2014-05-30linkMount Magmamax 4 total and 1 of each DM, sniper, boomer, ninja, ice, glue, ace, SM app, mortar and dartling1255Hard xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Robo-naut2014-05-31linkSnake Rivermax 10 total - DM, 2/4 boomers and 2/4 SM3565Hard xLeaksMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
No Metal2014-06-01linkSpace Truckin'1 of each 1/2 boomer, ice, 2/2 app, 2/2 farm2545Easy Lead = rainbowxEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Top-of-the-Line Base2014-06-02linkMonkey Lane1 of each mortar, ace, SM, app, village2665Hard xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Hey, Nice Boat2014-06-03linkPark Path1 of each ninja, ice, GG, buccaneer, DM, tack, sniper, boomer. Only buccaneer can get upgrades worth $500 or more150Medium xTrivialcoyotikShow/hide:
One-Way2014-06-04linkLightning Scardm, tack, ace boomer – all 4/02665Medium xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Meerkat W.A.R.S.2014-06-05linkJungle Tracktak, ice, boomer, glue, 2 meerkats4060Medium
Not First, Not Least2014-06-06linkPark PathDM 4/2, sniper 4/4, ninja 2/4, bomb 4/4, glue 4/2, buccaneer 2/4, SM 2/2 and everything else 1/1 (no boomer and app)1465Medium xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Life, The Universe2014-06-07linkBloon Circles4 of each boomer, glue, app, dartling all 4/2142Easy yellow and lead +2xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Bridge the Gap2014-06-08linkThe Great Divide1 of each 4/2 sniper, 4/3 ace, 3/4 village, mortar, 2/4 spapctory and buccaneer with one pool2050Medium All below MOAB -1xSelling (50% chance)MediumcoyotikShow/hide:
The Future is Now2014-06-09linkClockDM, ice, app and buccaneer banned, boomer, ninja, SM, farm 2/4, rest unlimited2565Medium xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Too Fast2014-06-10linkJungle TrackDM 0/4, tack 0/4, boomer, SM 2/4, app 0/4, village 4/0, dartling 4/02065Medium xLeaksMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Frontiers2014-06-11linkJungle Trackmax 8 total and 3 of each spactory, mortar, app, sniper3065Medium
Blooncraft2014-06-12linkLightning Scar4/0 DM, 4/2 bomb, 1/3 glue, 3/0 boomer, 2/2 village, 2 bloonberries and 1 BDD3055Hard xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Hot Laval Drama2014-06-13linkMount Magmaninja, bomb, glue, app4065Medium xLeaksEasycoyotikShow/hide:
North, East, West and South2014-06-14linkCountry Road2 of each tack, sniper, glue, dartling3050Medium xLeaks (dartling skill)MediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Training on the Snow2014-06-15linkSlalommax 2 total - 3/4 DM, 3/4 boomer and 3/3 dartling4055Easy xTrivialcoyotikShow/hide:
Spinning Around2014-06-16linkSpace Truckin'max 7 total of 2/4 tacks, boomers, 4/2 apps and 2/4 villages3050Hard xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Cold Blooded2014-06-17linkSlalom2 of each tack, spactory, ice, village, farm, 2x bloonberry bush and 2x BDD3065Medium xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Wimpy2014-06-18linkPark Path1 of each 0/0 DM, 1/4 boomer, 4/1 bomb, 0/4 ice, 3/2 ace, 1/1 app, 4/0 village and 2/2 dartling2655Easy xLeaksEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Fight From the Sky2014-06-19linkDownstreammax 8 total 4/2 buccaneers, aces, 2/4 apprentices. One BDD and two SMS3065Medium xHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Supernova2014-06-20linkSpace Truckin'max 10 total and 3 of each 0/4 DM, 4/0 boomer, ice, app and 4/2 SM2665Hard xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Thermal Waves2014-06-21linkDocksidebomb, ice, mortar2565Medium xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Road to the Legend2014-06-22linkCountry Roadmax 5 total and 1 of each, prohibited upgrades over $2975165Hard xHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Super Village2014-06-23linkBloon Circles1 of each SM, village 2/2, DM 1/4, tack 3/4, sniper 0/1, boomer 3/0, farm, ace 3/01050Medium xLeaks, SellingMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Monkey Mech2014-06-24linkJungle Track4 of each 2/3 app, 1/3 SM, 2/3 dartling2565Medium xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Oh, Come On!2014-06-25linkArchipelago2 of each DM, 4/2 mortar, 4/2 ninja, 4/3 sniper, 2/3 ace, 4/3 app2363Medium xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Big Ben2014-06-26linkClockmax 12 total, only sniper, mortar and dartling can be upgraded3065Medium xLeaksHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Elite Monkey Force2014-06-27linkCountry Road1 of each bomb 4/1, ice, buccaneer, app, DM, tack, sniper and boomer all 4/22560Medium xLeaksHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Bumblebee2014-06-28linkPark Pathninja, glue, buccaneer, farm, one beekeeper3065Medium xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Ability Upgrade2014-06-29linkCountry RoadSM, farm, mortar and dartling all 2/42565Medium xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Agents if S.H.I.E.L.D2014-06-30linkDockside1 of each app, dartling, sniper, ice, glue, SM – all 2/2, 1 of each agent, but only 7 towers max2656Medium xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Air Raid2014-07-01linkRinkmax 5 total and 2 of each 2/4 bomb, 4/2 buccaneer and 2/4 ace, 1 meerkat2565Medium xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Ice Smasher2014-07-02linkRink Revenge3 of each 3/1 boomer, 2/0 bomb, 4/2 ice, 2/3 buccaneer and 1/3 super1060Medium xLeaks (59)MediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Build Up2014-07-03linkThree Times Round4/2 ice, 1/3 bomb, village, farm, pineapples640Easy White->zebra, rainbow and above +2xFarming, Selling, possible leaksHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Into the New World2014-07-04linkClockmax 9 total and 2 of each farm, dartling, boomer, ninja, glue, SM - all 2/42665Medium xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Shima Shima2014-07-05linkArchipelago1 of each 2/2 DM, 3/2 boomer, 3/3/ ninja, bomb, 3/3 ace, mortar, dartling and 0/3 spactory3555Medium xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
I Wanna Be The Monkey2014-07-06linkCastle4 of each DM, spactory, buccaneer, apprentice3966Medium xHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Glaive-a-riffic2014-07-07linkZ factor2/3 DM, boomer, 4/2 ninja, farm, 2/2 village and 3/2 spactory5085Hard xTrivialcoyotikShow/hide:
Ridiculous2014-07-08linkLobbymax 9 total and 3 of each dartling, boomer, sniper, glue all 4/2, farms4065Medium xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Hedge Fund2014-07-09linkHedge Maze4/1 dartlings are the only lead popper. Also banned are DM and buccaneer even though they cannot pop lead. Farms limited to 1/0646Hard lead -> zebra, MOAB -> leadxSelling, FarminHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Natural Tunnels2014-07-10linkTunnels3 of each 3/3 bomb, 1/1 ice, 2/2 farm, spactory2060Hard xSellingEasycoyotikShow/hide:
East West Fusion2014-07-11linkWater Hazard3 of each glue, tack, sniper, ninja, ice2660Medium xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Dry Ice2014-07-12linkIce Flowno road items or buccaneers1065Medium xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Top of the World2014-07-13linkTree Topscannon, ice, spactory, buccaneer and ninja all 3/3, one lake.2665Easy
Double The Runway, Double The Fun2014-07-14linkRunway2 of each and 2 of each agent1565Medium xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Summer Challenge Day2014-07-15linkDune Seamax 8 total and 3 of each spactory, ace, sniper, DM and 2/2 dartling2565Medium xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
A Maze Structure2014-07-16linkHedge Mazemax 10 towers, buccaneers, farms and villages unrestricted, rest 1/1.2060Hard xTrivialcoyotikShow/hide:
Runway Sweeper2014-07-17linkRunway2/3 DMs, snipers and 1/2 spactories3050Medium xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Hyper Mode2014-07-18linkScorched EarthDM, bomb, ice, SP, app all 3/3, village 2/43070Hard xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Essence Potion2014-07-19linkSnake River4/1 ninjas, 3/1 bombs, 3/1 buccaneers and apprentices1060Medium xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Cold as Ice2014-07-20linkIce Flowmax 7 total and 2 of each 4/2 DM, 2/1 sniper, 3/2 ninja, ice, 3/0 ace, 1/3 spactory and 3/2 buccaneer3045Medium xcoyotikShow/hide:
Scorched Pain2014-07-21linkScorched Earthmax 5 total and 2 of each 2/3 boomer, 4/2 ninja, 3/3 glue and 3/3 SM, 1 BDD2060Medium xLeaksHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Rancor2014-07-22linkSpace Truckin'1 of each 4/0 ninja, 1/2 ice, 4/2 glue and 3/0 SM, pineapples recommended for round 622665Medium xRoad ItemsMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Money, Money, Money2014-07-23linkThree Times Round4/2 mortars, 4/2 villages, snipers, 2/2 ice towers, farms2565Hard Red and blue are greenxMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
True Colours2014-07-24linkDockside1 of each 4/0 sniper, 4/0 boomer, 0/4 bomb, 4/0 glue and dartling131Medium black and above -> rainbowxMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Fish Out of Water2014-07-25linkFire Crown3 portable lakes, buccaneers, farms2665Medium xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Just the four of us2014-07-26linkRink Revengemax 4 total3565Medium xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
The Sandwich Club2014-07-27linkDune Seamax 9 total and 4 of each GG, app, dartling, buccaneer, sniper, boomer, ninja, glue3065Medium xcoyotikShow/hide:
Lovely View2014-07-28linkWater Hazard3 of each 1/1 ninja, 1/1 sniper and ace2665Medium xLeaks, Selling, LuckHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Primitive2014-07-29linkJungle Track2/3 DM, 3/2 boomer, 3/2 ninja1550Hard xLeaksMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Second Skin2014-07-30linkDown the Drain4/2 boomer, ninja, cannon, app, ice2550Easy xLeaksHardKim DavisShow/hide:
Let's Go Golfing2014-07-31linkWater Hazardmax 5 total and 3 of each 4/0 DM, ninja, 2/4 buccaneer, 4/0 app2660Medium xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Who Needs a Meerkat?2014-08-01linkIce Flow2 of each 4/3 ice, sniper, SM, 4/1 village, 2/0 farm3262Easy
Stick Out Your Tongue2014-08-02linkClockmax 18 total, DM, 3/4 boomer, 2/4 ice, 2/1 glue, 2/1 mortar, 0/2 dartling, 3/2 app4170Medium xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Stay In Position2014-08-03linkWater Hazardmax 8 total and 3 of each 1/3 spactory, 1/3 tack and 3/1 ice2650Medium xLeaks (random)MediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Flying In the Wind2014-08-04linkRunwaymax 8 total and 3 of each 4/2 app, 4/2 buccaneer and ace (two lakes provided)4065Medium xRoad Items, SellingHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Take a Swing2014-08-05linkTree Tops2 of each DM, boomer, ninja, ice, glue, SM and app2560Medium xLeaks, SellingHardincogneato, coyotikShow/hide:
Dizzy2014-08-06linkThree Times Roundmax 5 total - 3/3 village, 4/2 buccaneer, 2/1 boomer, 1/1 ninja, 1/0 glue and 1/0 uce4065Hard xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Double Doom Spikes2014-08-07linkPumpkin Patch2 of each 2/3 spactory, 3/2 tack, 4/2 dartling and 4/2 farm2565Hard BFB->ZOMGxFarming, SellingMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
[RED]2014-08-08linkScorched Earthmax 10 total 3/3 ninja, 1/0 sniper, 1/1 cannon, 1/1 mortar, 1/1 dartling, 1/0 spactory1353Medium xLeaksMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Lead It Go2014-08-09linkNorth Polesniper 0/2, boomer 3/1, ice 1/2, SM 1/2, mortar 1/0, one meerkat145Medium blue and green -> red, yellow, pink, zebra, rainbow -> lead, white -> blackxMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Teknoboom2014-08-10linkDrag Stripbomb 2/3, SM 2/4, mortar 4/2, dartling 2/32065Easy xLeaksHardcoyotikShow/hide:
The Specialty's Specialty2014-08-11linkDune Seamax 10 total and 3 of each 4/0 bomb, 4/0 super, 2/0 app, 0/2 buccaneer and 0/4 mortar4560Hard xLeaksMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Glass Castle2014-08-13linkCastlemax 8 total and 2 of each village, buccaneer, dartling and ninja 2/4, DM and spactory 4/2, sniper 3/4, boomer and ace2560Medium xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
HIKS2014-08-14linkMonkey LaneDM 4/2, sniper 4/2, glue 4/02663Hard xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Up to Lead2014-08-15linkDocksidemax 5 total of 0/4 bomb, 0/4 ninja, 0/2 app, 0/3 mortar, 4/2 dartling, 2/0 spactory2050Medium xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Super Monkeys2014-08-16linkCastleDM 4/2, tack, 2/4 boomer, ninja, 2/4 bomb, 2/4 ice4070Medium xLeaksMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Arctic Monkeys2014-08-17linkNorth Polemax 10 total 4/2 tack, 4/2 boomer, 4/2 ninja, ice, village4070Hard xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Heat Set2014-08-18linkLava Fieldsmax 6 total spactory, cannon, dartling2865Medium black and white are zebraxMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Flash Bombs2014-08-19linkSwitch2/4 ninjas and 4/2 bombs4565Medium xSB, LeaksHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Beekeeper and Friends2014-08-20linkCastlespactory, DM and cannon, one beekeeper, road items141Apopalypse xRoad ItemsEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Volcanic Activity2014-08-21linkLava Fieldsmax 7 total, apps and mortars unlimited, rest 2/2, road icems, ice, boomer and village banned2670Hard xSelling, possible leaksHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Half The Time2014-08-22linkClockmax 56 total and 1 of each, no limits2065Medium xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
VVVVVV2014-08-23linkCastle1 of each DM, sniper, boomer, ninja, ice, glue, SM3075Medium
Crossed2014-08-24linkWater Hazard2/3 spactories, 2/3 buccaneers, 2/1 bombs and 2/1 ninjas3565Medium Rainbow and ceramic swappedxLeaks (random, possibly avoidable)MediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Assault in Tunnels2014-08-25linkTunnelsmax 8 total and 5 of each snipers 3/3, dartlings 3/3, farms 3/22660Hard blimps +1xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Can't Get the Dune Out of My Head2014-08-26linkDune Sea2 of each boomer 3/3, ninja 4/2, glue 3/3, spactory 3/33560Medium xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Jungle (Please Don't Change)2014-08-27linkJungle Trackmax 10 total and 3 of each 4/0 ninja, 2/4 glue, 2/2 farm, 4/2 village, 4/2 sniper, 4/0 ninja and 4/0 SM2665Medium xLeaks, Farming, SellingHardcoyotikShow/hide:
The Ing'ling Brothers2014-08-28linkHedge Maze1 of each 4/2 sniper, 4/2 bomb, ice, 4/2 glue, 3/4 buccaneer, ace and dartlinh6080Hard xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Blooncraft Chapter 22014-08-29linkLightning Scar2 of each 4/2 sniper, 2/3 ice, 2/2 glue, 3/2 app, 4/2 village, 2/4 dartling4565Hard up to lead +2, zebra and rainbow +1xHardMathgodpiShow/hide:
The Five Abilities2014-08-30linkSlalommax 5 total and 1 of each, everything 2/45085Hard xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
The Tricky Spot2014-08-31linkMount Magmamax 5 total and 2 of each tack, ninja, ice, SM2665Hard red to white +1xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Binary pumkpins2014-09-01linkPumpkin Patch1 of each, everything limited to 1/0146Medium xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Super Typhoon2014-09-02linkWater Hazardtack, SM, app, village2870Medium red = rainbow, yellow = pink, white = leadxLeaksHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Philosophy of the Outcasts2014-09-03linkSpace Truckin'1 of each DM, SM, dartling, village, spactory all 3/32760Hard BFB is ZOMGxEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Future World2014-09-04linkScorched Earthmax 7 total and 2 of each boomer and SM 0/4, sniper, ace, dartling, mortar farm, one BDD2670Hard all up to rainbow +1xLeaks, SellingHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Camo Island2014-09-05linkArchipelagomax 10 total and 5 of each 3/4 tack, 2/1 village, 3/3 mortar and 3/4 spactory3070Hard xHardincogneatoShow/hide:
Snowy Expedition2014-09-06linkSlalommax 6 of each, ice 4/4, rest 2/2, no dartling, boomer and DM5065Medium xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Another Camo, Lead, Both, Neither2014-09-07linkMonkey Lanemax 5 total and 2 of each, bomb 4/3, buccaneer 4/2, ace 4/2, dartling 3/1, one lake3060Hard xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Inedible for Take Off2014-09-08linkRunwaymax 10 total and 4 of each DM /43, ninja 4/3, app 2/4, spactory 2/4.3060Medium xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Laser Beams2014-09-10linkCountry Roadmax 7 total and 3 of each 1/2 SM, 4/2 dartling and 2 BDD3065Hard xLeaksMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Icy's Perfect Pop Class2014-09-10linkSlalom1 of each 2/0 DM, 0/2 SM, 2/0 dartling, 1/4 glue, sniper, ice150Easy xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Concrete Jungle2014-09-11linkJungle Track1 of each village, dartling, mortar, sniper, ninja, bomb, one SMS2665Medium xLeaks (dartling + distraction)HardcoyotikShow/hide:
Captain Nemo2014-09-12linkArchipelago2/3 buccaneers, 1/1 snipers, 2/2 ice3070Hard xHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Not Easy On the Eye2014-09-13linkThe Eyemax 8 total of 2/4 aces, 2/4 apprentices, 4/2 farms and 4/2 mortars1060Medium
Plane Serious2014-09-14linkClockmax 10 total and 5 of each 1/4 DM, 3/4 boomer, 4/1 ace and 2/2 village2665Medium xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Glulium Liontonium Strongboxes2014-09-15linkMonkey Lane2/4 snipers, 2/4 glue and 4/2 SM3575Medium xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
(20) Waves of Summer2014-09-16linkDune Seamax 6 total 4/2 ice, 3/2 SM and 2/4 app5170Medium xLeaks, SellingMedium1096Show/hide:
Slowing Down the Jungle2014-09-17linkJungle Trackmax 8 total, glues unlimited, rest 2/2 (app and ice banned)3060Medium xLeaks (dartling skill)MediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Monkey Fortress 22014-09-18linkCastle2/4 DM, 4/2 sniper, ninja, bomb, 2/4 app, mortar, 2/2 dartling2565Medium xLeaksHardcoyotikShow/hide:
High Roller2014-09-19linkCastlemax 10 total and 4 each ninja, 4/2 ice, 4/2 buccameer, SM, farm 2/4 mortar4670Medium xLeaksHardcoyotikShow/hide:
It's a Tower2014-09-20linkBloon Circlesmax 8 total mortar ice cannon farm3065Hard xLeaksMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Canadian Game2014-09-21linkNorth Pole3 of each sniper 1/0, boomer 2/2, ninja 0/0, ice, glue 0/2, dartling 3/3, spactory 1/12650Medium blue -> red, green and yellow -> pink, black -> white, cera -> rainbow, MOAB -> BFBxEasycoyotikShow/hide:
The Ozone Layer2014-09-22linkWater Hazardeverything 0/33065Hard xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Spammage2014-09-23linkSnake Rivermax 15 total tack 2/4, buccaneer 4/2, spactory 2/2, dartling 4/0, ice 1/4, glue 4/2, app 2/26585Medium BFB is MOABxLeaks (dartling skill)MediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Monkey City Beloved2014-09-24linkRunway4/2 tack, 4/2 ninja, bomb, 3/2 ice, 2/3 glue, 2/3 village, 2/3 mortar and 1/3 spactory3065Medium xLeaksHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Land Hazard2014-09-25linkWater Hazardmax 7 total and 2 of each ace, SM, village, farm, dartling and spactory3065Medium xLeaksHard1096Show/hide:
Power Out2014-09-26linkCountry Roadapp, dm, ninja, ice, glue2665Medium xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
ALS Absolute Zero Challenge2014-09-27linkPark Path1 of each 2/4 boomer, 4/2 ninja, 2/4 ice and 4/2 glue3553Hard xHard1096Show/hide:
Take 'Em Down a Peg2014-09-28linkThree Times Roundmax 8 total sniper, ice, glue, mortar, farm alll 2/22050Medium xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Frozen Flames2014-09-29linkMount Magma4/2 tack, 2/3 mortar, ice, 4/2 spactory2260Medium pink -> yellow, zebra -> leadxLeaksEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Heat Exhaustion2014-09-30linkLava Fieldsmax 5 of each 1/0 tack, 2/1 ace, 0/3 mortar and 0/1 dartling1050Hard xTrivialcoyotikShow/hide:
No Helping Hands2014-10-01linkMount Magma3 of each, no dartling, farm, village, ace and SM, one lake provided5082Hard xLeaksHardcoyotikShow/hide:
No Bloon Zone2014-10-02linkSnake Rivermax 12 total, boomer, ninja, glue, mortar all 2/44065Medium xHardincogneatoShow/hide:
Fruit Salad2014-10-03linkDocksidemax 10 total and 4 of each 3/4 buccaneer, 3/3 ace, 3/4 village and 2/0 farm2665Hard xLeaks, Farming, SellingHardcoyotikShow/hide:
The Metal Clan2014-10-04linkRunway2/4 tack, 2/4 ace, 2/4 SM, 4/2 bomb, spactory2065Medium
Bloons Down Under2014-10-05linkLightning Scarmax 10 total and 3 of each 4/2 DM, sniper, 4/2 boomer, 4/2 ninja, 2/2 SM, 4/2 village and mortar4075Medium Leaks (random)MediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Super Boomninja Towrn2014-10-06linkBloon Circlesmax 7 total and 2 of each boomer, ninja, 2/2 SM and 2/1 village2865Medium red -> cera, green and yellow -> pink.xLeaks (sometimes)MediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Compound 422014-10-07linkLava Fields3/2 mortar, 3/4 farm, glue, 1/4 ninja3070Medium xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Loading...2014-10-08linkMonkey Lanemax 10 total and 6 of each DM, tack, sniper, boomer – all limited to 3/32660Medium xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Uber Juice2014-10-09linkSpace Truckin'max 4 total 0/1 sniper, 0/0 boomer, 4/1 bomb, 2/0 ice, 1/4 buccaneer, 0/3 app and 0/3 farm.1440Hard All under pink are pinkxTrivialcoyotikShow/hide:
Towards the Ocean2014-10-10linkDune Sea3 of each village, app, ace, tack, dartling4780Hard xLeaks (dartling skills)MediumcoyotikShow/hide:
The Number 232014-10-11linkCastleall limited to 2/32369Easy xLeaksHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Assistance2014-10-12linkSwitch1 angry squirrel, farm, sniper, ice, glue, village1560Medium BFB +1
Heavy Mountainous Jungle Forests2014-10-13linkJungle Trackninja, sniper, ice, glue4075Medium xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Magicks2014-10-14linkScorched Earthmax 4 total of 2/3 bomb, ice, buccaneer, 2/3 app, 4/2 village, 4/2 spactory, one lake provided2065Medium xSelling, LeaksHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Not On My Snow2014-10-15linkNorth Polemax 3 of each DM, boomer, dartling2065Medium xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Superstitious2014-10-16linkArchipelagomax 5 of each 4/2 boomer, 2/4 DM, 4/2 ninja, 2/4 buccaneer, 4/2 SM and apprentice, one turtle1065Medium xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Not Over $1,0002014-10-16linkSlalommax 3 of each and 12 total, every tower and upgrade over $1000 restricted3060Medium xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Magnitude 52014-10-18linkRink0/1 buccaneer, 3/2 app, 3/0 bomb, 2/2 glue, 2/0 booomer, 3/0 DM, 3/4 farm1065Easy xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Monkey Fortress Classic2014-10-19linkDeath Valleymax 5 of each 2/4 DM, 4/2 SM, 2/4 app, dartling, sniper, ninja, cannon, mortar, village4065Medium xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Ice to the Tower of Three2014-10-20linkRink Revengemax 3 of each ninja, boomer, sniper4063Medium xLeaks, SellingHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Teenage Mutant Ninja Monkey2014-10-21linkDown the Drain4 ninjas and 2 turtles1250Easy xLeaks, SellingHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Can We Play?2014-10-22linkZ factormax 6 total, 1 of each tack, ace, village, farm, buccaneer, one lake provided2060Medium xRoad ItemsMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Wall of Fame2014-10-23linkBrick Wall1 of each2560Medium cera and above +1xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
No Fly Zone2014-10-24linkPark Path2/4 glue, 2/4 buccaneer, 4/2 app, 4/0 farm, mortar2065Medium xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Back to Black2014-10-25linkTunnelsmax 10 total ninja 2/4 and bomb 4/23560Medium xSmall leaks (random)MediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Close to Ultimate2014-10-26linkDrag Stripall 3/22565Hard up to rainbow +1xHardincogneato+coyotikShow/hide:
Blooming2014-10-27linkThree Times Roundmax 5 of each 2/4 spactory, 4/2 buccaneer, 4/2 bomb, 2/3 ace and 3/4 tack2065Medium xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
The Maze Runner2014-10-28linkHedge Mazemax 7 total and 1 of each2865Medium green and yellow are pink, zebra are rainbow, blimps +1xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Ultra Monkey Fan Club2014-10-29linkIce Flowdm, 4/3 sniper, 4/3 ninja, 3/2 SM3565Medium xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
21 Gun Salute2014-10-30linkClocksniper, glue, dartling 2/24465Medium xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Burst Mania2014-10-31linkLobbymax 6 of each DM, tack, boomer, ace all 2/44077Hard xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Denied!2014-11-01linkSlalom4/2 tack 4/2 ice, 4/3 mortar and 2/4 dartling2260Medium xTrivialcoyotikShow/hide:
Deserted Tundra2014-11-02linkRink RevengeDM, boomer 4/2, ice 3/2, glue 2/2, buccaneer 3/3, SM 3/2, dartling 3/33875Medium xSellingHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Get Your Hands Off My Desert2014-11-03linkDeath Valleyno boomer and cannon, everything 2/2, glue, SM and spactory unlimited2565Easy xLeaksHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire2014-11-04linkFire Crownice, glue, boomer, one meerkat2565Medium xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Bloon Crush Saga2014-11-05linkSlalom3 of each 4/2 farm, 2/2 app, 4/2 cannon and 4/2 dartling1560Medium BFB +1xFarmingEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Terrain Battles2014-11-06linkDockside3 spactories, buccaneers and aces all 2/4, 2 pontoons, 2 lakes, bush, SMS and turtle3065Medium xSellingMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Pay Cuts2014-11-07linkZ factormax 10 towers limited to 2/2, no SM, village and farm2050Deflation xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
The Avengers2014-11-08linkSpace Truckin'1 of each 4/2 sniper, 3/2 boomer, ninja, 4/2 bomb, 4/2 buccameer, 4/2 app, 2/4 SM and 2/4 village.2565Medium MOAB and BFB +1xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Seven Workers2014-11-09linkDocksidemax 7 total and 3 of each farm, spactory, ninja, cannon, ice, buccaneer4075Medium xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Flollow Through2014-11-10linkTunnelsmax 8 total and 2 of each farm, mortar, dartling, spactory, sniper, boomer, ninja and ace all limited to 3/2, 2x BDD6080Medium all -1xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Not So Death Valley2014-11-11linkDeath Valley2 if each 3/4 tack, 4/3 boomer, 3/4 ace, 3/4 farm, 2/3 dartling and spactory3575Easy blimps -1xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Oh Four2014-11-12linkMonkey Lane4 of each, all 0/4, no SM4060Easy blimps +1xLeaksHardcoyotikShow/hide:
International Road Item Day2014-11-13linkIce Flowtack, ace, spactory2065Hard xMedium1096Show/hide:
Volcano Separated2014-11-14linkMount Magma1 of each DM, boomer, bomb, dartling (all 4/2), tack, ice, app, spactory, ice4085Hard xLeaks, SellingHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Water Related2014-11-15linkArchipelagomax 10 total and 4 each, ice 3/3, buccaneer 3/3, rest 1/1, two turtles150Medium xTrivialcoyotikShow/hide:
The 22 Club2014-11-16linkDocksidemax 22 total of sniper 2/2, glue 22, buccaneer 3/2 and ace 3/24466Medium xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Melting Ice2014-11-17linkIce Flowvillage, ninja, SM, app2665Hard xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Pyramid Scheme2014-11-18linkScorched Earthmax 16 total and 5 of each DM, sniper, 4/2 buccaneer, SM, dartling, one portable lake2060Hard xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Into the Flames2014-11-19linkFire Crown0/3 tack, 4/3 sniper, 4/0 boomer, 4/2 glue, 3/3 ace and 4/2 app2560Medium xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Hit the Ground Running2014-11-20linkDrag Stripno road items130Medium everything +1xFarming, Selling, LeaksHardcoyotikShow/hide:
You Are Being Monitored2014-11-21linkDrag Stripsnipers, 4/2 boomers, ninjas, 3/2 aces and dartlings, 1 SMS and 1 BDD3065Hard xLeaksHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Super hexagons2014-11-22linkThe Eyemax 15 total and 6 of each DM, bomb, SM, mortar2866Easy xLeaksMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark2014-11-23linkLightning Scarmax 12 total and 6 of each 2/4 dart, 4/2 boomer, ninja, ace.3565Easy rainbow, MOAB and BFB +1xLeaks (random)HardcoyotikShow/hide:
Poor Division2014-11-24linkThe Great Dividemax 12 total and 4 of each ninja, app, spactory, dartling2670Medium xLeaks (random, possibly avoidable)HardcoyotikShow/hide:
Ghost abilities2014-11-25linkDrag Stripmax 5 of each dartling, spactory, DM, ninja, app, village all 2/43065Medium xHardcoyotikShow/hide:
40 rounds of revenge2014-11-26linkRink Revengesniper, ninja, cannon, ace3170Hard green +2, yellow and black +1, white -1
There Are a Dozen of Us2014-11-27linkSlalommax 12 total and 2 of each, all limited to 1/21260Medium xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Anti-Black Bloon Bombs2014-11-28linkRunway4/2 ace, 4/2 mortar, 2/4 ninja, bomb3575Medium
Crowded House2014-11-29linkIce Flow1 of each village and spactory 1/2, tack, sniper, boomer, bomb, ice, glue, buccaneer, SM, dartling all 2/14060Medium xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Monkeys in Black2014-11-30linkSpace Truckin'sniper 3/4, ninja 1/4, SM 2/3, ace 2/4, village 2/32065Hard white are blackxEasycoyotikShow/hide:
I Believe I Can Float2014-12-01linkIce Flow4 of each buccaneer, app, 2/2 SM, 4/3 bomb, 3/4 ace4075Medium xMediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Shooting Gallery2014-12-02linkRink Revenge2 of each 4/2 DM, 4/2 bomba, sniper, dartling4065Medium
Dartless Monkeys2014-12-03linkClockmax 10 total and 3 of each glue, app, mortar, ninja, boomer, sniper, ice3065Medium x
The Mane Sixe2014-12-04linkMonkey Laneone of each app, farm, ninja, ice, glue, SM3065Medium xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Battle Tier Down2014-12-05linkRink1 of each. DM, tack, sniper, ninja, bomb unrestricted, boomer, ice, glue, buccaneer 3/3, ace, mortar, dartling, spactory 2/2 and rest 1/13065Medium xEasycoyotikShow/hide:
Lucky Number 132014-12-06linkLightning Scarmax 13 total and 1 of each limited to 1/33965Easy Leaks (random, minimal)MediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Battle Tier Up2014-12-07linkSlalom1 of each, limited to 1/1, 2/2, 3/3 and 4/4 based on tiers in Battles3065Medium EasycoyotikShow/hide:
Anti-MOAB Darts2014-12-08linkPark Path4/3 darts, 3/4 bombs, 2/0 farms and 1/2 spactories3060Hard xHardcoyotikShow/hide:
Bloon Kart2014-12-09linkDrag Strip2/4 boomers, SMs and apps, rest 1/13160Medium Leaks (depending on your dartling skills)MediumcoyotikShow/hide:
Blackee Green2014-12-13linkThe Great DivideDM, sniper, ace, 4/2 bomb, 24/ mortar, 1/1 dartling, 2/2 spike, 2/4 ninja3060Medium red, blue and yellow are green, pink, white and lead are black, BFB +1Hard1096Show/hide:
Village Assistance2014-12-14linkDownstream3 of each 4/2 spactory, dartling, village, farm, SM, ace, 42 buccaneer, 4/2 GG, sniper4080Medium xMediumcoyotikShow/hide: